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GDD of Stairwell Hunt – Cathy Chen & Che Yan (Shino)


Are you tired of sitting in the office/ studio/ library all day long? Are you sick of going to the space every week? Have you had enough of your boring daily routine every semester?

No, no, no, campus life is way more fun than you think! ” GAME NAME” is a campus range social network mobile app game. Players can be anyone passing by 205 Richmond street. The game allows individual to have an exciting exploration and adventure of the building, to get familiarize with people, and complete the mission individually or collaboratively. The final goal (which may be a huge fancy artwork) is the joined effort from everyone who participated in the game.

Gameplay Description

The goal of the game is to collectively reveal a pre-constructed image that is hidden in the stairwell passage. In order to reveal the image, anyone who enters the building and who wishes to participate in the game, will open their app, in which the system will respond to the person and will give the player several small linked tasks to complete.

Players are asked to follow the paths and complete the tasks indicated on the app. The game involve players participate certain activities in the stair passage, and after the tasks are completed, a piece of the hidden image will reveal somewhere on the stairwell.

Artistic style outline

Our game is a combination of 2D hand drawing/ cartoon style game applications and different physically game spots (with QR codes) around campus. Every mission will have different goals and objects to collect. Nowadays most of the game apps on smart phones are based on simple & cute character design. This may be due to poor 3D rendering engine on phone, or people prefer to use game apps to kill time and relax from tough tasks. Therefore, simple design caricatures and structures are the main feature style.

Our game is based on simple but interesting UI, easy to start with and simple to understand; yet it allows players to explore the environment. In this case we may reference to Wario series (GBA/ NDSI/Wii), which is a mass mini games “buffet”. Player will have variety of game experiences within one game, like physical interaction or screen based game, to improve player’s agility, speed, observation, and so on. There will also be humorous sound effects that react to players’ inputs.



For the collecting part, the Sims Social gave us inspiration. Player will collect certain things from different areas of the campus using QR scanner can trigger or complete missions.

All the mini games in the app and the final artwork that is collectively created through these mini games share a visual style.

Systematic Breakdown of Components

20 mini tasks
Each task consist of 3-5 levels
Database of items
Database of tasks
Randomized task selector
Total tasks completeness display
Task Display System
QR code scanner and tasks updater
QR codes
Contributed puzzle piece display
Puzzle piece inventory database
Log in system

Asset breakdown

Art Assets: our app includes 20 mini games (from the start), each game has different rules, opponents and scene follow the different mini game themes, but main character is the same. We may use Stencyl to create the apps. Ideally the app can be physically interactive with the player, like shake, breath, shout
Text Assets: each mini game may contain several clues to suggest where player can collect the certain component, and because of the different rules of the mini games, there will be simple and intuitive instructions that direct the players.
Sound Assets: there will be general theme music throughout the whole process but with different tone according to different games. Simple sound effects are also included. There will be sound mute options for players.

Suggested Game Flow Diagram

Suggested Project Timeline

Week 1 site visit around campus, decide the theme of the game
Week 2 sketch the interface and game characters, create different mini games rule
Week 3 start to build mini games with stencyl
Week 4 build games
Week 5 build game
Week 6 build social network of this app
Week 7 build social network and testing
Week 8 set the scan site, and final refine.

Additional Ideas and Possibilities

ARG game in the stairwell
Puzzle Box, Trick Box Gam: all players have to do is to open boxes
Hopscotch and Twister in the stairwell
Sound recordings for a narrative with particular tasks in the stairwell

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