Advertising Innovation

Digital technology apply in Out of Home Advertising (OOH) Industry


Technology is bringing about a change in our advertising choices and the media mix that evolves. Marketers need to be knowledgeable on the latest and greatest in the world of Digital Innovation. There are many ways to get the technologies into an advertising to give deeper impression into customers. At the same time, new technologies can also create different advertising effect and interactive-functions which are impossible realized in traditional advertising formats embedded the brand concept or the product sell point into an advertising. This research describes the simple history of advertising and the current formats of advertising based on technology developments, and it demonstrates the OOH potentials in current market by analysis the data of an OAAA report on advertising markets and an OOH project. It also describes the advantages of the OOH especial in new technology applied OOH. At the end, there are seven cases of digital OOH which are applied with SCM, video detection, shape match and shape recognize technologize. These technologize which describes different ways to use these technologies to improve the effect of advertising concept connect with social network, real word, and game world. These cases indicates the future directions of digital OOH.





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