Quantified Self

Quantified Self Movement

Quantified Self is data aggregation of one unit of being (a conscious one). Data can be varied in different forms, such as data extracted from different body organs, or data from your eating habits, activity, etc. Quantifying self isn’t a new thing, since the development of human brain, . . . → Read More: Quantified Self

Interactive Brain

Interactive Brain is an educational program developed for iPad to teach younger people (children) about brain’s different areas and their responsibilities in order for us to understand the world. This program meant to be highly interactive and fun to play with, along with colorful buttons and attractive animations. In my believe, we are going to . . . → Read More: Interactive Brain

Smart Jacket

Smart Jacket gives you more confidence in terms of your safety; Wearing one, will make you aware of what is going on in your surroundings. The Smart Jacket will warn you with vibration and flashing light(explained below), if one tries to approach you from behind. Technology used in making this jacket will also enable . . . → Read More: Smart Jacket

My very first piece of Arduino writing

Hello all,

Now, I feel so much better after 3 hrs striving to understand the logic of the Arduino language and found out that there are some possibilities for me to be just-friend with this guy (Arduino).

So as we supposed to, I made this 2 input and 3 output Arduino piece working, yeaaaah..

Here . . . → Read More: My very first piece of Arduino writing