What is Artwee2?

Artwee2 is an art installation that promotes the idea of citizen participation and collective art. Artwee2 is a project in its developing stages, and only presented by the team to assure the possibility of such project for the future development. This project started with the idea of the connection between . . . → Read More: ARTwee2

Presenting Android

This is a very cool example of what we can do with mobile devices and robots.

There are two main platforms for mobile devices iOS by Apple and Android by Google, and since processing has the option to develop applications for Android this post is about the history of Android.

What is android?

Android is . . . → Read More: Presenting Android

Interactive street art Interactive street art

My project started with the idea of create a political statement using processing. In my first approach I intended to use video capture with a transparent image to make the Mexican president talk about whatever I wanted, and since I was going to be able to record it I could watch . . . → Read More: Interactive street art

The Phenakistocope V 1.5

Project: The Phenakistocope V 1.5


To create an interactive, Arduino based artifact where traditional animation and digital technology converge.


At the beginning of the project my plan was to implement or use as many tools I could in order to assess myself and see where I was in terms of coding and . . . → Read More: The Phenakistocope V 1.5