Project 2 Experiment 2 – Painting with a Strange Attractor Algorithm

The second experiment began when Gary and I were browsing the internet and stubled upon a website showing two lines of code required to create the formula for a strange attractor.


We tried to make the code work in processing, but the result was strange images that were definately not similar to the ones showed on the website.
I spent some time on google looking for more information on that particular strange attractor and found this link that explained how to create it using R language, a programming language used for statistics. The code provided on the website worked fine on R and I played with the values for a few moments while trying to make interesting looking images.
I then switched back to processing but still couldn’t make the code work. Before giving up on the strange attractor formula, I added a few lines of code that created an ellipse and used the results of the formular to position it on the x and y coordinates and used the same data to colour the ellipses. The result had a minimal painterly look to it. I also changed the ellipses for squares and then lines.