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Pointillism (Divisionism)

Historical examples of Divisionist paintings.




Complementary Colour

Examples of paintings with notable complementary colour relationships.

Looking at Shapes

Looking at historical examples of painting and déshirage/collage that employ shape as the predominant compositional element. Please feel free to add images for discussion.

High-key and Low-key

Here are some historical oil paintings exemplifying chromatic greys in high-key value and low-key value ranges.

Claude Monet, Ice Floes, 1893


Claude Monet, Waterloo Bridge, 1903


David Milne, From the Doorway, Alander Cabin, 1928


Leslie Reid, Pontiac II, 1978


J.E.H. MacDonald, Trucks and Traffic, 1913


J.E.H. MacDonald, Early Evening Winter, 1912


Charles W. Jefferys, Dark Woods, 1913


Peggy Nicol Macleod, Bank Street Bridge, 1930