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Canvas Icons

Icons for Canvas

FCDC’s Carson Campbell has designed some learning icons used in the Online Courses developed by OCAD University. They can be used to provide some visual cues and create a more organized information architecture for the course content in Canvas.

The Icons

Case Study:




Learning Outcome:

Live Discussion:

OCAD U Resources:




Required Reading:

Suggested Reading:



Download the icons in PNG and AI format

These icons are free to use and are Creative Commons Licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Faculty Lunchbox: Visual Plagiarism

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.18.23 PM

There was a great deal of interest in FCDC’s most recent professional development offering on Visual Plagiarism.

Here’s a round-up of what you may have missed… Continue reading

Making The Case For Canvas Flexibility

Canvas screen shot

Courtesy of Andrew McAllister

Welcome to 2015! After an extended sabbatical, the Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre’s teaching blog is back in business. We’re starting the year off with a bang, addressing a discussion thread that was overheard at OCAD U’s 2015 Teaching Expo: Why is Canvas so restrictive?

More after the break… Continue reading

Save The Date: OCAD U Teaching Expo (Jan 16)

Teaching-Expo-LogoOn Friday, January 16th, FCDC is pleased to host the second annual OCAD University Teaching Expo.

Read on for details… Continue reading

What We Learned from the 2014 COED Meeting…

The logo for the Council of Ontario Educational Developers

On Thursday and Friday, Nov 6-7, members of FCDC traveled to University of Guelph to attend the annual COED AGM. What follows is an imaginary Q&A to inform the OCAD U community about the meeting. Continue reading

Faculty Lunchbox Recap: The Importance of talking about teaching

An image of the Faculty Lunchbox logo - a black and white lunchbox

On Wednesday, Oct 29 the second Faculty Lunchbox of the fall 2014 semester was held on ‘Juggling Responsibilities, Managing Priorities’. Unfortunately the session was a casualty of its own subject matter and few participants were able to attend due to other obligations.

What’s shocking is that instead of being a write-off, the session ultimately proved to be both valuable and exciting… Continue reading

Introducing the SPARK guide

Cover of SPARK: Explorations in Educational Development for the Creative Disciplines guide showcasing students in a classroom

With a grant from the national Educational Developers Caucus, the FCDC recently published SPARK, a guidebook of educational development resources for the educational developers and faculty who work in creative disciplines. Continue reading

Mid-Semester Training

A clipart image of an instructor pointing at a graph in front of students

We are into the second half of the semester and you may have noticed a few issues creeping up. In anticipation of some of the challenges that can arise as the term continues, here are a few training opportunities to help out. Continue reading

Introducing the OCAD U TA Certificate in Teaching & Learning


Teaching assistants are a vital component of the teaching staff here at OCAD U, so FCDC has cooked up a special certificate just for them. Read on for more information about the requirements… Continue reading

Faculty Lunchbox recap: Fall Transitions Launch

The top two-thirds of a lunchbox with the words "Faculty & Curriculum Development Centre presents FACULTY LUNCHBOX' on it

Faculty Lunchbox is back in session for the 2014-2015 year

Earlier today, FCDC held the first Faculty Lunchbox of the 2014-2015 year. Here’s a recap of what we discussed. Continue reading

Who Wants Feedback? FCDC’s new Feedback Initiatives

An image of a hand writing the word feedback in blue highlighter

It’s time to collect student feedback!

Hope you’re looking for student feedback because FCDC has just unveiled three new ways to get it. Continue reading

Take It Off Campus: Public Art Installations Edition

Skelton's Still Life, a large, optical piece whose emblazoned words are the same as its title, is one of the city's best for examining the constant, kinetic motion of the city dweller. It functions like one of those giant billboard, the image spelling out "STILL" as you approach and transforming into an image spelling "LIFE" as you pass and look back at it.

Carl Skelton, Still Life (Highway 401 between Renforth & Dixie)

Last week I facilitated a discussion with Graduate Studies sessional faculty. During the session, we each shared a few of our effective teaching strategies. One was field trips, which makes perfect sense considering the city we teach in. Continue reading

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