Office makeover!

I’m sure by now many of you have noticed the Sessional Faculty office looks way less [insert adjective of choice here], and much more inviting.  We can all thank Contemporary Artist, Assistant Professor, Associate Chair of Contemporary Drawing & Painting AND Interior Designer Julius Manapul for the update.  I had a chance to ask him a few questions.  See his answers and the upgraded office below.

Mini-Interview with Julius

How long have you been in the Interior Design game?
I’ve been doing interior design on the side helping my mother for over 10 years now. Mostly focusing on cosmetic changes and adding artistic perspectives to a space.

Why the makeover?
I wanted to make people feel at home and comfortable in a space that can help them feel relaxed, even though it’s a working space. Before it was stark and cold, making the space undesirable to work in. When I was a sessional the office didn’t function as an inclusive space so I knew the changes that needed to happen.

How can other people make their ugly offices less ugly?

  • IKEA organizing folders: to allocate space for everyone’s paperwork! Personalized with names.
  • White plastic bins from Canadian Tire: to place art supplies in for carrying from office space to classrooms! Personalized with name tags.
  • A place without windows can be drab, so a good trick is to place faux plants around to bring the outside in.
  • Know the difference between mood/accent lighting and task lighting. Task lighting is used when you’re creating art projects in your studio space, mood/accent lighting creates a calm and relaxing feeling, prolonging your time spent in that space.
  • Providing a fridge, coffee and tea bar in your office helps make your guests feel comfortable during meetings. Being hospitable can make any regular meeting into a special time.
  • A mirror is a must in any office without windows to the outside world! Not only does it create the illusion of space, but it echos the light back into the room just like a window! Plus you can fix yourself up before attending any special events. 
  • Rugs, pillows and throws can also warm up a space. So comfy you will never want to leave! 
  • Storage space is important. Use the tops of cabinets to store light coloured baskets. Go high and try to use lots of vertical space. Using hooks for jackets, separate hooks for painting clothes, and bins for umbrellas, gloves and hats all helps to organize a space.
  • When there is space for everything it’s easier to get organized. There should be a rule to always declutter your office once a year. Just like the spring cleaning you tackle at home. Remove items you haven’t used for more than two years to create space for new items.  

Thanks Julius! Anything else?
All in all, get inspired to go to your office by making it a comfortable, personal space for you and for everyone!

Before and after photos below for your viewing pleasure.

Sessional Faculty office BEFOREBEFORE 🙁

Sessional Faculty office AFTERAFTER 🙂

4fBEFORE (meh)

Sessional Faculty office AFTERAFTER (whoa!)

4hBEFORE (eek)

Sessional Faculty office AFTERAFTER (yay!)