blog post ideas ?

I know that thinking of cool creative things to share on this blog isn’t always easy. However I stumbled upon this website today that is filled with Image result for thinking man pngso many awesome art stuff that is going on all around the world.

check it out :

I also found this too but it doesn’t update, just cool sculptures around the world :

25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World

An Incredible Film – “Loving Vincent”

Over the weekend, my family and I went out to the TIFF Lightbox right off of King St. and John St. The TIFF Lightbox is like a very fancy version of Cineplex (serves alcohol ;)) which showcases a variety of very artistic films. I went to see the film Loving Vincent which I recommend *everyone* to see. It’s a full feature film made from thousands and thousands of oil paintings in Vincent Van Gogh’s style. I’ve never seen a film like this before in my life, and I walked away completely dumbfounded. The plot of the film is essentially an autobiography of Van Gogh, which has a great deal of emotional drama and mystery. Watch the trailer and you’ll get an idea of how incredible the film is!