Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki is a photographer and a contemporary artist from Japan. He’s super well known for his controversial work photographing the art of bondage, eroticism, love and intimacy. He’s also released sooooo much work like 450 published photobooks which is crazy. I think his personal progression is also really cool because he used to only really shoot black and white but in later years began using really vibrant colours in his photos and this came after the death of his wife. nHe made a project that really stood out to me because it was just so beautiful and it was pictures he had taken over their 20 year marriage including her becoming ill and battling cancer, it’s just really intimate pictures of things that were very sentimental to them which is maybe why the name of it was Sentimental Journey, Winter Journey.
I found a video previewing some of the work inside of Sentimental Journey  and linked it below if you want to see it and also attached some images of his from other work he’s done 🙂

001-nobuyoshi-araki-satchin-1963 nobuyoshi-araki-e88d92e69ca8-e7b58ce6839f-17 tumblr_o0cagel34z1stt977o1_500

Jessica Chen

Hey guys, so one of my current fav artists is Jessica Chen, who works right here in Toronto. She’s a painter and graphic designer and turns a lot of her designs into tattoos. As a tattoo artist she prefers hand poking, which I find is a lot more intimate. Her work is primarily inspired by geometric abstraction and formalist compositions and notions. Through the rearrangement and coordination of shape and colour, she explores the presence of space and the immediate relationships created within.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite pics. Feel free to check her out!


Instagram: __jesschen__


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A Thought for Photography

There is a great name in the history of photography: Henri Cartier-Bresson. He has a concept of photography which affects the almost entire photography world, that is “The Decisive Moment”, I used to consider these three words as “the Bible of Photography”. Briefly, It tells that you should click the shutter bottom at the perfect time with the perfect composition.

However, there is another idea called “The Indecisive Moment” which is really interesting: It tells people that a perfect photo has already lost the essence of photography, it’s supposed to be imperfect, otherwise, why don’t you just paint or draw?

The Decisive Moment can show the skill of capturing of a photographer, but the Indecisive Moment keeps the track on the essence of photography. What do you think about this, please feel free to comment.

So I Was Totally Gonna Feature Sasha Velour As Well…

I mean they’re an amazing illustrator as well as a huge fashion pioneer in the drag world but that’s okay. Instead I chose to feature actually another drag queen. Their name is Kim Chi and like Sasha Velour a big focus of their work is fashion. However Kim draws inspiration from anime, manga and runway shows and combines them into this awesome fashion fusion. I love their looks, especially their makeup because it features this really unique use of geometric shapes and bold colours. They always create new and different looks and they have endless pools of creativity.

I find a ton of inspiration for my art in their looks so maybe check out their instagram and get inspired too!

screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-5-31-48-pm screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-5-32-25-pm screen-shot-2017-09-22-at-5-32-44-pm

Callen Schaub’s ‘ENERGY’ Sept. 28th at Project Gallery

Who I am watching now: Callen Schaub

What he does: Wildly innovative paint techniques using a spin machine, pendulums, and swinging troughs to create some uber beautiful, lively pieces.

Next Performance (LIVE): Thursday, Sept. 28th @ 10:00pm (reception at 6:00pm) 1210 Dundas St. East at Project Gallery in Leslieville. 

Happy Friday! So this is officially my first post, and I just wanted to share something unique and potentially interesting for you all. Also… I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out in the slight chance you might be as intrigued as I am!

So as a little introduction, my favourite medium is painting (oil painting in particular). I spend most weekends searching for art galleries and absorbing as many different styles as I can – the weirder the better. So, I discovered Callen Schaub when I read an article on him and they noted that he was represented by Prince Edward County;  I’m very  familiar with PEC as I spend most summers touring the breweries and hitting the Sand Banks (wicked charming provincial park/beach if you haven’t been) and it neighbours my hometown, Belleville, Ontario.

To make things even better, he is doing a live performance at Project Gallery in Toronto. I will be in attendance as it’s very close to my apartment in Leslieville  (and I might have a slight crush on Callen, or maybe just his art, the lines get blurred so I’m unsure at this point). Thus, I figured this event would make an alright first post, and maybe I will see you there. I hope you all have a super hoppin’ weekend 🙂

Ps. Callen is also a graduate of OCAD 😉


Current Favorite Artist

Heyy ,, :p

Within the last few years, I’ve become more aware of queer culture and the LGBTQ+ space, but more recently, I’ve discovered my love for the drag community. Drag Queens have become a new influence to how I work and currently, my favorite artist is Sasha Velour, a New York City based Drag Queen.

She uses art history and high fashion to attack gender roles and gender stereotypes. Her work varies from performing on tour, to producing Velour: The Drag Magazine, and even walking for designers like Marco Marco.

I love her vision and her work so go check her stuff out :p






Hello everyone!

Welcome to OCAD University Blogs.

This will be our class blog for anything and everything you want to share with the class. Perhaps its an artist or exhibition you are into, or a youtube video you like. ANYTHING. There is no such thing as posting or commenting too much- lets all have fun with this!

Furthermore, you will be asked to share specific content weekly in relation to your sketchbook- we will talk about this further in person.

Have fun blogging!