How Color Sensitive Are You? This Online Test Might Tell You

You know those people who love to go around talking about their quirks, whether they’re real or imagined? Like, the kind of person who loves talking about her gluten intolerance or how she’s synesthetic? I’m that kind of person: I maintain that I’m allergic to whole apples (not cut apples, mind you — I only get a bump on my lip when I eat whole apples), sneeze in direct sunlight, and have poor circulation. None of those has been diagnosed by doctors, but who knows me better than me? Anyway, when I found out there was a test that tells you how color sensitive you are, I understandably got excited.


Try this out:

Here is my result, looks not bad.


Perfect Photos?

There is a great name in the history of photography: Henri Cartier Bresson. He has a concept of photography which affects the almost entire photography world, which is “The Decisive Moment”, I used to consider these three words as the Bible of photography. Briefly, It tells that you should only click the shutter bottom at the perfect time with the perfect frame.

However, there is another idea called “The Indecisive Moment” which is really interesting: It tells people that a perfect photo has already lost the essence of photography, it supposes to be imperfect, otherwise, why don’t you just paint or draw?

The Decisive Moment can show a very high skill of a photographer, but the Indecisive Moment keeps the truth of photography. Which one is better?

The Ultimate Trilogy Part III

The Ultimate Trilogy Part III

Of course, photography is not gonna die. However, in my opinion, with the development of technology, I believe people will re-focus on the immediateness of photography.

There is a small new feature in the new iPhone X: portrait lighting mode. Basically, the dual cameras on iPhone will scan your face, and then based on the depth of your face, your iPhone can build a 3D model of your face, it can simulate studio lighting environment. In another word, you don’t need a studio anymore with the help of technology. It’s pretty much like our superhero movies, most of those scenes were shot in front of a green background. Remember the airport fighting science in Captain America: Civil War? Well, the truth is that only a few actors were “actually” in the scene, roles like Iron Man or Black Panther were completely CGI. Also, even the airport is actually a huge green background. It isn’t hard to think, this kind of technology one day will come to photography. Not just professional studio lights, maybe one day we don’t even need a real model. People can simply make a perfect model on a computer. Nevertheless, we can still tell the differences between real photos and computer-generated imagery if we look closely. What about 10 years later? What about 20 years later? Can we still distinguish the differences?

Therefore, I believe one of the essences of photography, which is immediateness, will become more and more important when every other thing can be made on a computer. As I said in my previous posts, I think commercial photography will die one day because there is nothing more perfect than computer-generated images.

But the good news is people will still need photographers to take photos for weddings, events, and so on.