Rosemary’s video project

For the past year or so I’ve been really fascinated with children and the idea that with age a sense of innocent naivety and habitual yet moral immaturity is eventually lost forever, so I really wanted my video to revolve around that concept. I have an admiration for cinematographer’s work and how well the choice of shot and angle and even lighting can add premise to the concept of something so I wanted to focus on the cinematography of the video the most. Basically the video would incorporate flashback for the better half, and although I have a pristine idea all thought out for the flashback, it is the narrative that takes place at the current day that I am having trouble working out.

So the plot is basically a girl finds something that reminds her of the innocence of her childhood and she has a very whimsical flashback of typical jovial things that a child would do, and upon mentally reminding herself of this she gets upset or something (proof I’m still stuck on the first half). The entire video will be set to Yann Tiersen’s ‘La Dispute’, a song in which the second half is spiritual and just generally happy and would add to the mood of the childhood flashback, whereas the first part is more sombre and not as inviting as the latter. I do want the flashback to have a sort of Amelie-feel to it, but at the same time I’m finding it hard not to make it too cheesy and contrived. I was thinking of adding some satire in the film but to be honest it would just ruin the mood. Truth be told I’m hoping to have a eureka moment as to how to make a very whimsical, somewhat sad film while not being corny but I guess I’ll just have to go with it hoping that it will all fall into place.

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