Sophy’s Video Proposal

There are going to be two main characters in my video and they are my two cats. I decide to film my two cats because they are two moving species. I don’t want to film an object to make a stop-motion video, since I rather take videos than photos. So, filming moving species is my only choice. It is hard to ask people to be my actors; therefore I am going to ask my two lovely cats to do my a favor. The story would be my sister giving meals to my cats, one of them eats the other’s food and starts out a fight, and finally no one can eat the food because they flip the bowl upside down during the fight and all the food are on the floor. My sister passes by at the end, they are all hiding to avoid punishment.

I decide to use establishing shot to show the enivronment first, close up shot to film the process of my sister giving out food to my cats, point of view to show two cats are walking toward the food, and long shot for the process of one cat stealing another’s food. I am going to use long shot, point of view, medium shot, birds eye view, and extreme close up shot for the fight scene and the last scene. I want to add some action background music for the fight scene and some relaxing music for the beginning scene. I will add some walking sound and ask my sister to say “what are you guys doing” before they hide away.

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