Electronics proposal

My project is an idea I got when I saw a build- it-yourself-robot kit in Creatron. This robot follows a path that you lay out for him, (a black line).  I wanted to come up with something that could improve the workflow of an artist at work. I find that fidgeting with things like materials and carrying out routine procedural and cautionary tasks to be disruptive to my train of thought. Every time I get the jump to get up and at something I want to be able to just get to the meat of my idea.

My robot would cart things to me like paints or solvents and brushes. Also my robot could do creative things too. Like finishing preliminary drawings for me. He could follow a few lines, while making new ones, then it will begin following those new ones, while drawing more lines still. I could be doing something like gathering materials to use and colors. The only thing I would have to do is decide when to stop the robot.

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