Rosemary’s electronics assignment

I think when I began brainstorming for this assignment the subject of religion was reccurent subconsciously – how it can have a positive or degrading relevance in different countries around the world; how there is both purity and power, both obvious parallels, evident in the constructs of it, etc. I was originally going to paint a doll in a monochromatic scheme kneeling down towards a black, star-filled sky (which is generally regarded as heaven’s location) but after much deliberation, specifically realizing that the piece’s ulterior meaning was too vague or obscure for a proper interpretation, I decided to use the portrait of a religious figure instead. Eventually I chose the Virgin Mary, a prominent yet less culturally integral character of religious concern than say the more common Jesus Christ or even God himself. The grey doll would still remain and would be placed at the end of a green and blue washed out plaque which ends where the Virgin Mary is placed. The washed out plaque is linked to society’s deteriorating and altering interpretation of religion today – shifting and changing as a result of dissimilar interpretations from what religion originally was. Yellow or white (possibly both) LED lights would trace the halo around Mary’s head. The light will only light up however when the kneeling down character extends against the floor entirely. This is linked back to the basic concept or thesis of the project – that without worship, religion and its prevalence would be irrelevant.

Concerning the items and how I would place it together, I decided on LED lights for the rim of Virgin Mary. Using wood or cardboard (undecided as of yet) I wanted to mount the doll and Mary on each end. To make the lights turn on with each praying kneel I was going to cut out the bottom of the doll and insert the ball that turns everything on by turning it over (not sure what it’s called) to an alligator clip and pin a hole to trail underneath the plaque to the lights. I hope this project accurately transcends from subjective to objective because I’m really excited about my idea and finishing the final tangible project.

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  1. Are you referring to a tilt switch?

    Another thought – what if Mary’s halo was activated by the viewer in some way?

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