David’s Final Project

So for my final project I decided to make a song because I enjoyed the audio element of our video project’s earlier in the term. I thought that making a song would be fun and take what I learned in that project a step further. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking to record as I hadn’t been playing any music in quite a few months. As I started to get to work I began writing on my guitar and rather quickly a song came together. I made a rough recording on my tape recorder and showed it to my friend who has a recording studio and he let me come in one afternoon and record my song onto his 2 inch tape machine. I played the bass guitar parts to a click track and then played the guitar chords over that. Next I tried to do the drums, but as I am not a drummer, I quickly gave up on that. So I called it a day and asked a drummer friend of mine to listen to my rough song and think of what he could do with drums on it. Luckily he agreed and once the drums were added a few days later, I was amazed that I had something that sounded like a real song. That day I recorded the lyrics that I had written, and had another friend double my voice with hers. I really liked the result of the male/female element to the vocals. So now I had a song with drums and vocals but it still sounded thin or maybe a little amateurish. My friend suggested that I start to layer guitar parts and that really is what started to make the song sound distinct. I just kept going and going with the guitar parts basically for the rest of the three hours my friend had given me to use his studio space. I was extremely lucky to have this kind of a resource available to me, as everything I could have ever needed to make a professional recording was made available to me. So now I had about ten guitar parts and a bass track, drums, and multiple vocal tracks of me and my friend Julie. I could now start mixing in Logic Pro and about a week later I had a rough mix happening that I liked and with a few last minute overdubs of a little synthesizer and adding effects like reverb and compression, all of a sudden I was finished. Then I continued to tamper with the mix and and almost ruined what I had by overmixing. I should have left it alone but I couldn’t resist and had to stay up all night fixing what I had done. I subtracted a few guitar parts and got it back to the kind of sound that I had wanted, and overall I was really pleased with what I had accomplished. The song is called ‘Life’s Planned’ and I really happy with the result.

p.s I have been trying for two hours to upload the song but can’t so far, I’ll keep trying, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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