HERBIVOROUS – Sarah M’s Written Statement

The intent of my piece was to illustrate the finer side of vegan cooking because the majority of resources concerning it exhibit the cuisine in a poor light and encourage its own bad reputation. It may not seem like matter or great import, but to myself it is something that needs to be handled with haste. If people considering veganism, a lifestyle based on what one refuses to consume (that being animal products), see that their culinary options will be limited to substandard fare they will be much less likely to change lifestyles. They will also continue to support the general belief that vegan food is lackluster.

As a four-year vegan myself, I find it unacceptable that the appearance of my community’s cuisine impedes our growth. The visual presentation of our food by unaccommodating chefs and unskilled cooks has made it much more difficult to convince others that the vegan lifestyle does not sacrifice the pleasures of an omnivorous lifestyle, and as such we cannot spread our message of compassion successfully. Many people will be averse to the switch to a herbivorous diet even if they do share some of the morals quintessential to this way of life simply because they do not want to submit themselves to poor eating.

Why is this? Food is both fine art and high fashion. As people do not want ugly clothes, furniture, housing, or anything else for that matter, they do not want food that tastes or looks inadequate. This is why people will flock to luxurious restaurants and happily pay exorbitant amounts to savour master chef’s dishes; what can be experienced by the tongue is as important as what can be experienced by any of the other sensory organs, and this explains my devotion to the culinary arts.

With the plate as my canvas, my goal is to aid the vegan community in the adequate representation of a critical aspect of our lifestyle. This project has inspired me to do online cooking demos as my method of changing the common misconception that our fare leaves much to be desired. Simply by making vegan food attractive my endeavours could potentially save thousands of animal lives, and that is what motivates me to continue producing HERBIVOROUS.

…Maybe with just a bit of help from a real camera. Cooking in front of my laptop’s webcam and getting flour in the keys isn’t probably such a good thing.


cornish pasties – vegetable

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup vegetable shortening
a few tablespoons of cold water

+ salt and pepper

prepare shortcrust; mix flour, salt and shortening ’til sandy. add water to form a dough. chill for half an hour.
prepare filling; clean and chop veggies, mix with salt and pepper.
prepare pasties; make rounds out of rolled dough, put mound of filling inside, fold into half-moons, crimp edges.
use oil and corn starch mixture for a wash.
bake at 420 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes, or until the pasties are browned and crunchy.

Here’s my link again. pasties

6 thoughts on “HERBIVOROUS – Sarah M’s Written Statement

  1. Hey Sarah, I was wondering, how long does this take to prepare and make? I’m interested in cooking this over the break and I would love to try it. :3

  2. it takes:

    5 minutes to wash and dice your veggies (if you’re fast)
    5 minutes to prepare your dough
    20 minutes to chill your dough
    5 minutes to roll out your dough
    10 minutes to cut, fill, close and crimp your pasties
    seconds to do a wash of egg or oil+colouring+corn starch
    40 minutes or so in the oven
    roughly an hour and 25 minutes including cooking time

    *amounts of seasonings vary according to your preference.

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