Joelle’s Written Statement

My original concept was to create a film that would echo basic commonalities between people. I wanted to create this sense of similarity as I am fascinated by the idea of familiarity and sameness among people.  I feel like it has become a strong theme in my work.

I was originally going to rely heavily on symbolic imagery, as I did not want to use actors but it should have been clear to me that it may prove difficult to make a film about people without any in it. So that idea was quickly substituted.

As far as the symbolic imagery was concerned, I decided that I’m already quite tired of it, so I explored another avenue as I became interested in the idea of reflections and this concept of an alternative likeness. Out of this notion came my inkblot structure idea; the same film, twice, but opposite. This structure also enables the film to be played on a loop. In fact, the way I had originally imagined this project, was as a video installation with a semi-reflective/semi-translucent backdrop, with this film playing on a loop.

The footage was filmed in two afternoons, both back and forth scenes were shot at the same time to facilitate the camera placement and ensure that the shots would be as similar as possible.

While editing I desaturated all of the footage and slowed everything down to approximately 80 per cent speed. The soundtrack I chose consists of a piece called “The Chill Air” by Brian Eno and Harold Budd. I noticed a funny coincidence after the fact; this track is a part of the album named The Plateau of Mirror.

I believe the mood I captured is close to the one I aimed for; stripped, quiet, alienated, close, sameness.

It can be viewed here.

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