Rosemary’s final project

My video, entitled From Cradle to Curtains, A Chronology, is a long, prosper life condensed into eighty seven seconds of abstract reinterpretations. Should I e-mail the powerpoint in addition to my written statement though? I’m not sure if I should. Let me know.

So even though I know what each scene means in this video I felt leaving it up for interpretation would be beneficial. At the same time however, I feel like people can’t link these to moments in life whatsoever. I guess to cause less confusion and yet not give it all away, I’ll use the pomegranate seeds as an example. These seeds are supposed to be seen as cells in the human body that could one day potentially turn cancerous. The unsettling and somewhat chaotic movement of the camera imply this tense uneasiness, realizing that things which make our bodies prosper and function could turn life-threatening at any moment, like those superheroes we read about in fables, suddenly falling transitioning over to the dark side. The individual I represented in this video actually loses their life to cancer, which can be understood by successfully interpreting the scene that follows, but before I get too ahead of myself I’ll just post the link to the video and leave it up to the viewer to understand. The video doth lay here.

Glad to be part of this class though, and thanks for all of it. 🙂

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