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Paige’s final project

For my final project I am going to make a video using the song Forever Young. For some reason everytime I hear this song it takes me back to certain times in my childhood and I actually find the song to be quite sad. I am also in the process of going from a teenager to an adult so the theme of growing up relates to my current life. I may use the actual song or record my own cover of it. The video will show footage of my family and I in a now and then format. The only issue is that I still need to get my VHS’s put onto DVD’s and I don’t know how long that will take. I am going to find a day when my cousins are free to shoot some footage, preferably within the next week. I am also in the process of moving from my house with my father so I may get shots of the empty rooms and then have flashbacks to events that once took place there (example: the empty dining room and footage of my 8th birthday party dinner). As soon as possible I will take my VHS’s to get converted and by this time next week i’d like to have that done, the DVD’s back, and will have decided what footage I will use from them. I hope this idea works out but if for any reason it doesn’t I know that I will still make a video.


Paige’s Electronic Project

I ended up changing my idea completely from what I wrote in my proposal (make a doorbell). I decided to make a Christmas tree light up but by removing presents from under the tree, the lights get brighter. The message I’m trying to project with this is that Christmas isn’t about the presents and being greedy but about giving and spending time with family.

I went to Active Surplus and purchased 35 6V lightbulbs and 6 packs of 4AA batteries and 6 battery holders to put them in. I also bought 8ft. of green and brown wire to blend in with the tree, red and green wire with alligator clips, an on and off switch, and a sauder. I began by attaching 12 of the lightbulbs together with the green wire and placing them on the mini Christmas tree I bought. I placed all the batteries in 3 mini Christmas bags and extra lights in 2 mini Christmas presents. I linked the tree, the 3 bags, and the 2 presents together with wire and alligator clips. This way, when you remove the two presents from under the tree you are removing approx. 15 lightbulbs from the circuit causing the ones remaining on the tree to become brighter. Enjoy!





Paige’s project

For this assigment I have decided to make a front door. My switch will act as the doorbell that will set off the buzzer to be the sound of the doorbell. There will also be an outdoor light that I will make light up at the same time as the buzzer. The buzzer and the lightbulb are both 6V so I have four AA batteries and a battery holder to put them in. I also acquired four feet of yellow and green wire as the black and red wire at the store was very thick. For the doorframe I am planning on using cardboard that I will paint. I would use wood except that I’m not very good with woodshop tools. I am going to hide all the wires behind the door so when you open it you can see them. I am looking forward to putting this all together.

-Paige Locke

Paige’s Proposal


For the video project, I’ve decided to document a highschool football game that will capture the essence of school spirit. Since I am going home on Saturday to watch a double-header at my old highschool I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get footage for this project. What I always loved most about highschool was the football team as I was the manager of them for 3 years and never missed a game. In my mind, the epitomy of being a teenager is putting on your school colours and going out to cheer for, in my case, the spartans. 

 I plan to get shots of the game in action, the players, and the fans on the bleachers. To make the video interesting I will include close-ups, extreme close-ups, panning, zooming, etc. I will also make some footage play in slow-motion to dramatize the video. For audio, I know I want to include the song Sinnerman by Nina Simone and moments with only a heartbeat which I’ve been able to download. The moments that I make slow-motion will most likely be when the heartbeat is playing. By doing that it will allow the viewer to get inside the mind of the football player and it will make for a very dramatic moment.

I am looking forward to shooting and producing this video.
I would like to edit this video using Windows Movie Maker, let me know if you have a problem with that.

-Paige Locke

Paige’s Page

I had a very difficult getting started with this project. I had never used a mac before so I didn’t know how to navigate around the computer or how to use any of the softwares but once I was set up I found it very easy to actually make my webpage using the html codes. I decided to leave my background white because I liked the simplicity of it and that way I could have more fun with the font colours and pictures to make them pop. I wanted to use pictures off of my facebook because I’m not a huge fan of the webcam photo’s but I wasn’t sure how to right click and save pictures. I’m very pleased with the final product. If you want to check out Paige’s Page then CLICK ME. For some reason it’s not letting me upload a picture of my webpage, sorry.


before this assignment i had never used a mac before so taking a screenshot of my webpage and uploading it to this blog is proving to be a difficult task, im done the actual webpage but i dont know how to do much else.. oh, and for some reason my webpage opens under “file:///Users/al09nj/Desktop/index.html” .. don’t know how to fix that, sorry.. any help would be awesomeeee


Hello, my name is Paige

Hey! So my name is Paige Locke, i’m 18 and hail from Lorne Park, Mississauga. I am at OCAD for painting & drawing. I’ve never had professional training before but my uncle is an artist so I assume that’s where I get my creative abilities from. I love going to Muskoka, tubing, eating, hanging with friends, listening to classic rock, watching Friends, playing with my two dogs, etc. Even more than fine art, my passion is musical theatre. I hope at some point down the road to go to school for it, get the best of both worlds. I spent my summer in Hamilton doing a show and took the year off after highschool to be Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors in Mississauga (the picture I attached is from that show). I’m looking forward to this semester!!