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Gabriel’s Final Project

My final project was a music video for the songs “If I Had a Heart” and “Concrete Walls” both by Fever Ray. The main theme in my video is witchcraft and black magic, I was inspired by a book I found in the library of symbology, which featured a varied range of symbols from old civilizations such as: Aztecs, Egyptians, Chinese, Greek… etc. It was very interesting to look up some symbols we use in modern life and figure out they used to have a completely different meaning in the past. I also enjoyed doing some research about the occult and pagan belief and trying to revive what we have lost through modernity, technology and logic. for me art it self is not something logical, therefore I wanted this video to make no sense at all, but at the same time to make people experience different emotions and reactions while watching it. I used the Lowell lightning kit – which was really heave by the way 🙂 – but very useful, and helped me achieve the images I wanted to create. I played around with some candles, ink and water, filming myself and my electronic project 😛 (at least I got to use that) I also spent a lot of time editing it, which was really hard; I did it in Final Cut Express – which I learned to use in this class. and I am pretty happy with the results… I think if I would revisit this concept in the future, probably I would make the video much longer, not feature myself, and add lots of weird effects 😛 Thanks for everything, I think this class has been the most useful so far, I learnt to use a bunch of new programs and got lots of freedom to experience everything in my own way.

Best wishes                                                                                                                                                      Gabriel.


 If I Had a Heart – Fever Ray

Stranger Than Kindness – Fever Ray

I think my video is way to heavy, I’ve been having lots of problems trying to upload it, I’ve been trying since yesterday, as soon as I can get it uploaded I’ll post it…


Gabriel’s Electric Project

My project is the result of an experiment with light (yes!, again) and movement. basically it has two main objects- the mirrors (object that looks like an umbrella  upside down) and the ELD’s (object that’s supposed to look like a tree); the first object is covered by mirrors and shiny paper’s on the top and attached to a motor on the bottom so the “umbrella looking” object will spin real fast; the second object holds the ELD’s on the end of some branches, so the light of the ELD’s reflect on the mirror’s that are spinning fast and creates an interesting type of illumination. the main purpose of this object is aesthetic but also entertaining 🙂

Originally I wanted to have brighter (white) ELD’s, but I accidentally burned them… I didn’t realize that I was connecting the ELD’s to four AA batteries and one by one I burned them all (around 3) after that I realized what was the problem, but it was too late to buy more and I had no money left so I had to work with the spare ELD’s I had which do not create that much light, so that’s why I added another source of light which is separate from the project, but creates the effect I wanted.

I found this project very useful for the future, but also we didn’t have much time to do it. I think with an extra week to work on it perhaps I would have done something way much better.

Gabriel's Electric Project

Gabriel’s Electronic Project

I’m not a hundred percent sure of what I’m going to do for this project, but I have some ideas… one of them is to make like an umbrella and glue mirror’s and light’s and shiny things to it and make that move while attaching it to a motor, in the middle of the umbrella there will be a light bulb. when I place this weird object facing the wall it will create beautiful shapes and patterns (hopefuly) and I also want that to be accompanied by music… it seems difficult now that I think about it, but it’s very simple.

Gabriel’s HTML Assignment

webpage here

working with html and css was a great experience, I’ve always liked to design webpages like myspace, but getting to work with html tags is a total different thing. I think I did a good job though it took me like four days to build it, it was hard at first, but once you begin to understand how it works, it gets much easier.

I think I’ll continue adding more files in the future 🙂

I really hope you can see the screenshots, cause I can’t 🙁

Hello my name is Gabriel.


Hello! my name is Gabriel, I’m 18 and was born in London, Ontario but I was raised in Chile, South America. I plan to mayor in Photography but I’m not 100% sure. I also enjoy drawing, painting, I love to read, and I play guitar, so pretty much everything that involves “Art”. you can check out my work here, here or add me on facebook 🙂 – My work is majorly inspired in nature, music and the simple things of life… I’m really looking foward to learn what “time-based media” is all about, and meeting you guys 😀 see you soon!