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Rosemary’s final project

My video, entitled From Cradle to Curtains, A Chronology, is a long, prosper life condensed into eighty seven seconds of abstract reinterpretations. Should I e-mail the powerpoint in addition to my written statement though? I’m not sure if I should. Let me know.

So even though I know what each scene means in this video I felt leaving it up for interpretation would be beneficial. At the same time however, I feel like people can’t link these to moments in life whatsoever. I guess to cause less confusion and yet not give it all away, I’ll use the pomegranate seeds as an example. These seeds are supposed to be seen as cells in the human body that could one day potentially turn cancerous. The unsettling and somewhat chaotic movement of the camera imply this tense uneasiness, realizing that things which make our bodies prosper and function could turn life-threatening at any moment, like those superheroes we read about in fables, suddenly¬†falling transitioning over to the dark side. The individual I represented in this video actually loses their life to cancer, which can be understood by successfully interpreting the scene that follows, but before I get too ahead of myself I’ll just post the link to the video and leave it up to the viewer to understand. The video doth lay here.

Glad to be part of this class though, and thanks for all of it. ūüôā

Rosemary’s Final Project

Usually when I have an idea with a video, it typically begins with the score. I’ll create a narrative or an abstract collection of clips in my head while listening to a certain song or series of sounds and somehow attempt to make it tangible, and then subsequently film it to coincide with my primary vision. With this final project I decided to take a different approach and turn my crafting conventions on its head. I started by attempting to envision the subject matter first, and the thing that kept on bringing itself up in my head was the life from its ultimate beginning to its ultimate end. Coincidentally a lifespan is relevant to the media we’ve been studying in this class; they both rely on the constructs of time to exist. So using this idea and a totally different creative approach I decided to spice it up a bit and do the majority of the video abstract, mainly to test myself in the realm of videomaking. But yeah. I have a series of ideas written down but have yet to pick and choose which ones I want to take the time to arrange filming for, due to time constraints. Also, I haven’t chosen the song as of yet but wanted to pick a song with an ambient electronic feel to it to sort of coincide with the abstract. Right now I’m leaning towards something by Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin.


Saturday November 21st – decide what scenes I want to film specifically, have a song chosen.

Wednesday November 25th – have a rough storyboard, set up possible dates for filming

Thursday November 26th – good copy of a storyboard ready

Friday November 27th to Sunday November 29th – entire weekend of filming

Monday November 30th – edit the clips together roughly

Tuesday December 1st – clean up the clips and finish the video in it’s entirety

Rosemary’s electronics assignment

I think when I began brainstorming for this assignment the subject of religion was reccurent subconsciously – how it can have a positive or degrading relevance in different countries around the world; how there is both purity and power, both obvious parallels, evident in the¬†constructs¬†of it, etc. I was originally going to paint a doll in a monochromatic scheme kneeling down towards a black, star-filled sky (which is generally regarded as heaven’s location) but after much deliberation, specifically realizing that the piece’s ulterior meaning was too vague or obscure for a proper interpretation, I decided to use the portrait of a religious figure instead. Eventually I chose the Virgin Mary, a prominent yet less culturally integral character of religious concern than say the more common Jesus Christ or even God himself. The grey doll would still remain and would be placed at the end of a green and blue washed out plaque which ends where the Virgin Mary is placed. The washed out plaque is linked to society’s deteriorating and altering interpretation of religion today – shifting and changing as a result of¬†dissimilar¬†interpretations from what religion originally was. Yellow or white (possibly both) LED lights would trace the halo around Mary’s head. The light will only light up however when the kneeling down character extends against the floor entirely. This is linked back to the basic concept or thesis of the project – that without worship, religion and its prevalence would be irrelevant.

Concerning the items and how I would place it together, I decided on LED lights for the rim of Virgin Mary. Using wood or cardboard (undecided as of yet) I wanted to mount the doll and Mary on each end. To make the lights turn on with each praying kneel I was going to cut out the bottom of the doll and insert the ball that turns everything on by turning it over (not sure what it’s called) to an alligator clip and pin a hole to trail underneath the plaque to the lights. I hope this project accurately transcends from subjective to objective because I’m really excited about my idea and finishing the final tangible project.

Rosemary’s final video

So here is my project.

The overall final piece was alright I think, although I wish I could go back and edit some of the beginning scenes, I had to work with what I had. My little seven year old female cousin also backed out because she enjoys being stubborn, so at the very last minute I had to switch the protagonist for both flashback and current day. Filming day was very hectic and all over the place, although it doesn’t show in the video. But yeah. This is it, hope you like it.

Rosemary’s video project

For the past year or so I’ve been really fascinated with children and the idea that with age a sense of innocent naivety and habitual yet moral immaturity is eventually lost forever, so I really wanted my video to revolve around that concept. I have an admiration for cinematographer’s work and how well the choice of shot and angle and even lighting can add premise to the concept of something so I wanted to focus on the cinematography of the video the most. Basically the video would incorporate flashback for the better half, and although I have a pristine idea all thought out for the flashback, it is the narrative that takes place at the current day that I am having trouble working out.

So the plot is basically a girl finds something that reminds her of the innocence of her childhood and she has a very whimsical flashback of typical jovial things that a child would do, and upon mentally reminding herself of this she gets upset or something (proof I’m still stuck on the first half). The entire video will be set to Yann Tiersen’s ‘La Dispute’, a song in which the second half is spiritual and just generally happy and would add to the mood of the childhood flashback, whereas the first part is more sombre and not as inviting as the latter. I do want the flashback to have a sort of Amelie-feel to it, but at the same time I’m finding it hard not to make it too cheesy and contrived. I was thinking of adding some satire in the film but to be honest it would just ruin the mood. Truth be told I’m hoping to have a eureka moment as to how to make a very whimsical, somewhat sad film while not being corny but I guess I’ll just have to go with it hoping that it will all fall into place.

Rosemary’s webpage

Hi, I realize this is a bit late so I apologize.

I didn’t have a tough time doing this webpage seeing as I am a bit familiar with HTML, but most of what I knew was simply from copying and pasting and writing it myself. I hope to successfully graduate to CSS in the near future but I have a feeling I’m going to have to get a bit more familiar with HTML first seeing as I did get a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with it at times. Other than that it was a pretty simple assignment.

Here’s a screenshot of my webpage and also the link to it.

Hello my name is Rosemary


Hi I’m Rosemary, but you can call me Rose. To be honest basically any nickname floats my boat because I’m not too fond of my first name since it’s no longer the 30s. I’m from Ancaster which is just outside of Hamilton, it’s probably about an hour drive or so from Toronto, though for the next eight months of school I’ll be living in some apartment on Bloor St seeing as I have no financial means for living in Chestnut, my first choice. But I think that’s beside the point.

I’m a first year student here at OCAD, and I somewhat¬†spontaneously¬†decided to attend. This isn’t to insinuate I care less about art than most people here, I was just in limbo between what exact subject I wanted to focus the following years on. Also I was born in 1992 so I felt I had a sense of¬†naivety¬†that wouldn’t work well with art school. Nevertheless I decided to come here because I couldn’t see myself enjoying any other career more than something that involves aesthetic expression. I haven’t really dabbed into many means of creating art, which is also another reason I chose this school. My main focus is photography, but I also love mixed media, collages and installations. I also tend to find increasingly conceptual artwork more interesting than the contrary. Though I find I cherish Gustav Klimt’s art the most. Followed by Picasso’s Barbarian years.

Asides from art I’m also really into music, fashion, films and books. I’ve been listening to a lot of experimental, avant-garde, and underground rap lately. My favourite designers are Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte. Film is Reservoir Dogs but I couldn’t name a filmmaker. Book is probably The Picture of Dorian Gray or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.¬†

To sum it all up I someday aspire to become a photo journalist while being increasingly active in humanitarian aid. I am however grateful this class was a mandatory one so I can break down that naivety of art I know I still carry and also to challenge myself in terms of creating art I most likely never have before.