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Izaak’s final project

So i’m planning on doing the night light just because it seems like something i’d actually like to have. The entire purpose of it is that when there is a power outage the light will still work. Have you ever noticed that landline phones don’t stop working when the power is out? That’s because the phone company is sending a non-stop current to your phone jack so you’ll be able to communicate with the outside world in the case of a power outage. So today i have to go back to active surplus… i want to buy a light up button so it is always visible, then when you want more light you can simply flip the switch. then i’m going to spend the next week or so electrocuting my self in order to make the most consistant circuit possible. hopefully soon i’ll have figured out how i’d like to house the lights… then i’ll just have to make the brightest possible combonation of the lights and thier houseing.

active surplus > self induced electrocution > combonation of lights and thier housing.

Izaak’s kinetic sculpture, extremely late blog post

so i just realized i had to do a blog post for this… sorry about my terrible timing kate.

I got my inpiration originally from colour theory class. we were supposed to take inspiration from an animal and apply it to a work of art. Originally i had planned on doing a communicative hat inspired by bioluminescent shrimp but i decided that would be a better idea for my time base media project. The shrimp i was researching change from red to blue in order to confuse thier preditors and communicate with eachother. The simplest form of human communication is answering a yes or no question so i decided to make them the words my hat would communicate. I decided that leaning forward is a good way to communicate positivity so it became the motion for “yes” while leaning backward, pulling away from the person being communicated with would obviously represent “no”. i had alot of problems with the wiring but hopefully my demonstration was at least semi-functional.

abstract motion/ implied narritive (izaak vk)

I definately havent figured out the majority of my shots, but so far i’m planning on doing a collection of abstract motion, motion that exists in the reality except out of context though use of camera shots and angles (ie: close ups).

I havent yet figured out a theme to link all my ideas together. So far i’ve been brainstorming motion that includes fire and other chemical reactions. Maybe i’ll end up witha series of shots that (at least vaguely) imply some form of narrative. My only idea for a Narrative so far is an intoxicated evening, i wonder how i’ll work fire into that one…

hello my name is izaak

hello, my name is izaak!

I grew up in the city but went to high school in pickering (a suburb just east of the city). Now i’m back, living downtown, and very excited for the next few years at OCAD.

I went to dunbarton high school, which no thanks to it’s terrible geography, has a great visual arts program. Thanks to my high school i’ve done alot of painting, drawing and photography (aswell as a bit of pretty much every other standard visual art practice).

i live in a sketchy area of downtown known as regent park. sometimes i have to deal with the occasional crack head but it’s all worth it for the view i have from my balcony