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hello my name is eduardo

“I don’t know where I am going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”. Words of the great David Bowie. What I am looking for at OCAD? Maybe taking the long road to where I want to be, maybe having a great time, maybe trying to break the routine of work (I have a full time job), maybe trying to be less stupid & less lazy. I like drawing (mostly people), photography /everything/anytime/, writing, graphic design, and would love to try sculpture, fashion, music, digital art… And (the big master plan) combine them all. I’ll see how that can actually works.

Some artists I admire: Egon Schiele, Rodin, Francis Bacon, Cindy Sherman, Terry Richardson, Klaus Nomi, Grace Jones, etc., people that work with concepts of identity, movement, transformation, emotion, love, tragedy, sexuality, memory, creation; so many movie directors and producers, graphic artists, fashion designers, architects, photographers, musicians, and that kind of people who enjoy cooking and actually knows how to create food from “stuff”. That’s magic.

Born in Colombia, enjoy traveling, but more than that I’ve been trying to experience life in different cultures. So far I’ve lived in 5 countries: Colombia, Cuba /for a short time/, USA, Spain and Canada. I would like to see Germany, Japan and Holland in the future. Who knows.


hello my name is izaak

hello, my name is izaak!

I grew up in the city but went to high school in pickering (a suburb just east of the city). Now i’m back, living downtown, and very excited for the next few years at OCAD.

I went to dunbarton high school, which no thanks to it’s terrible geography, has a great visual arts program. Thanks to my high school i’ve done alot of painting, drawing and photography (aswell as a bit of pretty much every other standard visual art practice).

i live in a sketchy area of downtown known as regent park. sometimes i have to deal with the occasional crack head but it’s all worth it for the view i have from my balcony

Hello, my name is Anna.


Hi, my name is Anna.

 I’m not entirely sure what to say… I feel like I’m writing an ad for a dating website. So I guess I like candle-lit dinners and taking long walks on the beach. Just kidding.

I am nineteen years old and I’m from London, Ontario. I graduated in 2008, but decided I would return to high school for a victory lap in the fall. I thought I wanted to go into psychology, but I ended up dropping out of the semester and realizing what I truly wanted to do. My high school photography teacher told us to NEVER pursue a career in photography, because it is such a competitive field and we would live a starving artist lifestyle. But then I thought, so what? I rather live my life doing what I love, even if I am a starving artist. At my interview for OCAD I showed up with a portfolio of photographs and had forgotten to write the piece on why I should be accepted to OCAD, so I had to write it on a piece of lined paper with a pencil. When I walked into the room there were so many other individuals with huge canvases and sculptures. I wondered why I was even there, doubting that I would be accepted considering I’ve never taken any formal art classes before. And now, here I am! Never doubt what you may be capable of.

I am currently in first year art, and I want to major in photography (evidentially). I mostly enjoy to do themed photography. I love the entire process from planning a theme with an underlying meaning, to setting up a shoot, to styling a models hair and make-up and clothing, to capturing the image itself. I love digital photography, but not as much as I love film. Today almost anyone can be a “photographer” in the digital world. Film photography is a long process but I find it so enjoyable. I also enjoy photo manipulation, videography, fashion and music. I am a singer/song-writer as well as a musician. I play the violin and piano self-taught. I have had some really exciting opportunities and am currently working on my own music. I would say my music has a jazz/soul/ambient vibe to it, and I hope to do some local shows soon. 

You can view my photography at

As much as I am nervous about taking some formal art classes at OCAD, I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.



Hello my name isJESS

hellllllo, as you may know my name is jess. here are some things that i like…

painting, drawing, photography, old music, old movies, thats pretty much it. my favourite artists are andy warhol and banksy. my newest favourite artist is elizabeth peyton. i enjoy photography, but to be honest i hardly know how to work a camera. i like music from the 60’s and 70’s era and my work is mostly inspired by my favourite musicains like bob dylan, the guess who, the beatles and the kinks etcetc. i like old black and while movies starring audrey hepburn and humphrey bogart. i like anything and everything from a simplier time. i look forward to learning and creating with you,


Hello My Name is Natasha!

Well hello there fellow students and professor!

        My name is Natasha and I’m still a baby at a meager 17. I turn 18 on the first of November(hint: I want a talking cat for my birthday like this) and I’m still getting used to this big city so if I’m ever late for class, I probably got off the wrong subway stop or turned down the wrong road. Couple things about me; I still haven’t grown out of my awkward stage yet and when comfortable, I’m usually pretty obnoxious and loud. Also, I’m a sucker for a good stand up comic (Mitch Hedberg and Pete Lee are two of my favorites), slippers and a hot cup of tea (aka my Saturday night in front of my computer monitor on youtube). I dislike blisters and the feeling of needing to sneeze but the sneeze never actually comes but I think the stupid things people do to avoid sneezes are hilarious (i.e. Look up at the light and say watermelon and in case you guys are wondering, it only works some times).

        On a more serious note, since early childhood I was encouraged to draw color and over all create art work. I come from a fairly artistically talented family, though my mother doesn’t really have time to sketch or draw like she used too, she is very talented, passing on her talent to my younger brother, my older sister who is currently majoring in fine arts also, but at the University of Guelph, and lastly to me J. I like to paint, draw and sculpt and I’m always open to other creative outlets, which is one of the reasons I chose OCAD as my post secondary school of choice. 

        Though I’ve always enjoyed applying my creative skills, I never really thought it would take me anywhere so in high school I tried leaning towards the sciences such as biology, chemistry and math. So I gave that a go and turns out a) not only do I suck at all of those but b) I found them boring as hell so from there I figured I was more likely to be successful in a field I enjoyed and was skilled in, even if this field wasn’t as promising in careers as the sciences (but then again it won’t matter how many career opportunities there are in a field, if you blatantly suck, you’re pretty much stuck at McDonalds).

        So far my experience at OCAD has been both good and bad. It’s been good because I find I enjoy the courses I am taking so far which makes it less of a hassle to participate and put forth effort into learning. My experience has been bad because I find OCAD really intimidating. Everyone seems to be more artistically advanced or creative and they seem to already have a developed style where as I’m still developing my style and improving my skills and just over all not really so sure about anything other than that I like to create things. Though I find OCAD and Toronto scary as hell, I’m still optimistic for positive outcomes, changes and advancements in the school, its students and of course in myself. I look forward to working with all of you throughout this semester! J

I don’t know how to add my picture. L

Hello My Name is Sophy

Hi, my name is Man Yan Sophy Lee, but I prefer people call me Sophy. Man Yan is my Chinese name and it sounds awkward when people calling my Chinese name, since even people from back home call my English name. I have two names because I was born in a fabulas city, Hong Kong. Hong Kong had being controlled by the Britian for 99 years until 1997, so most people in Hong Kong have two names. Hong Kong is just like New York City. People never rest and they are busy all the time. People like going out at night to reduce their stress because Hong Kong is full of entertainment. Shopping malls are everywhere and people can go there easily by any public transit. Some of the malls open till mid night and the stores are usally on sale, we don’t even charge for tax when we buy things. There are also night clubs, karaoke, beaches, and many more. Hong Kong is just a small city that travelling doesn’t take long. There is a special card that can be used in any public transit and certain shops. It will automatically pay the fee by simply putting it on a senser, so people can go anywhere by just adding money to the card.

Although Hong Kong is so wonderful, I choose to stay in Canada. I came here since I was in Grade 9. I enjoy the freedom here, since my parents are back home and I just live with my sister. The main point is I came to Canada for ART. Since Hong Kong is so populated, it’s really hard getting into a university and studying is tough there. I used to get 50s or 60s back home, but I got 80s or 90s here. I worked harder and studying is a bit easier here. There isn’t any specific art university in Hong Kong. Art is my life. I haven been drawing when I was really young. OCAD is my goal all the time, I wanted to come to OCAD since I was is Grade 9. I am not sure what I may going to next year, but I mostly do drawing and painting. I don’t like hands on thigns such as sculpture and printmaking. I haven’t been trained specifically on photography and film making, but I like taking photos and making videos in my leisure time. I have consider them for my major next year. I think I can earn more money by ending in either side, but I won’t give up my passion of painting and drawing; part time artist will probabIy my future.

Finally, I want to talk about my picture. That little kitten is the cutiest kitten ever! My sister and I like dogs more because we think that cats are lazy and full of pride. We changed this thought until we meet Oreo in a pet store. She likes to hang around with people and she always has a look that makes people want to hug her. After we got her at home, she jumps to our beds everyday to lid our lips to wake us up. She also has a unique sounds that will warm your heart. She always comes beside me when I wake up and makes some sound to make me hug her. Sometimes I am late because of her. She also notices I am opening the door when I go home and she will run to the door before I open the door. Therefore, I always have a good welcoming by seeing her at the door. My sister and I become so obsessed of cats and we end up adopting another kitten from Toronto Cat Rescue. Her name is Mocha. She is also cute, but I still love Oreo more!

Heya, my name is Sarah Jo.

I like to be quiet and keep to myself, so you won’t really find out much about me unless you really try. It’s probably from not being allowed outside when I was little, and not being allowed to talk to anyone I wasn’t related to. Psycho possessive family. Sigh. Anyway…

I’m absolutely in love with sculpture and I’m a culinary arts freak. I know that food has nothing to do with OCAD, but it’s still creating something… and you can involve more senses than sight and touch. Working in a kitchen blows my mind. Every sense is occupied. Taste, touch, sight, smell, sound. It’s an experience many people ignore and take for granted but when I’m in a kitchen I’m as happy as I can possibly be, and nothing else beats it.

That’ll be why I do food sculpture. More often than not I use my kitchen tools to sculpt clay into a recognizable and realistic food form, then paint is as realistically as I can, usually working scent extracts into my paint to make my sculpture more convincing. I also sculpt with real food, but it doesn’t sound as cool. Dolls made out of potatoes, anyone?

Looking forward to seeing everyone next class!

Also, it’s not letting me post my picture for some reason. So I’ll tell you I’m female, 18, a native Torontonian, I look Italian, I’m round like a meatball, and I have longish dark brown hair.

hello my name is michael

hi, my name is michael. i am 24 years old and am originally from toronto, although i have not always lived here. when i was seventeen i left the city and traveled to vancouver, which was kind of my home base on and off for a few years. i spent most of my time there snowboarding at mt. seymour, where i was working as an instructor, and skateboarding in vancouvers many concrete skateparks, which some might say are works of art in their own right! i really love the outdoors and spent as much time as i could just hiking, camping, or canoeing. vancouver exists right on the edge of a pristine wilderness, so it’s pretty easy to leave the city and get right out in the middle of nowhere!

i was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel around british columbia and other parts of canada, the united states, and overseas in asia. probably the craziest place i’v been is bagladesh. what i mean by ‘craziest’ is that my decision to go there did not demonstrate a lot foresight. but it was alot of fun . . . for the most part.

so yeah, i like to travel . . . i am interested in all kinds of visual art. most of my experience lies in painting, drawing and mixed-media collage, but recently i have become more interested in creating three dimensional objects. some of my favorite artists are hans hofmann, robert rauschenberg, david hockney, andy goldsworthy, shary boyle, betty goodwin, joseph beuys, pierre cabanne, to name a few. i am also into all types of music and play the drums in an electro/dance/rock band called ‘henrietta lacks’ . . . if your wondering about the name it’s after a historical figure. google her, it’s pretty interesting stuff. anyways, our myspace music page should come up as well . . .

ummm, what else . . . my favorite color is green? that’s all i got.


Hello, my name is Brooke.


Hey, the name is Brooke. Age is 18. Hobbies include being a geek & an otaku. I’m hearing impaired and wear hearing aids, but I’m proficient at reading lips and signing fluently in American Sign Language (I’d be more than happy to teach some cool signs). Being deprived of a sense has given me somewhat of an unique perspective and unwavering focus in my art (I’ve been told I often ignore everything around me, which includes fire alarms going off during art classes, and zooming completely into my art for example). I’m from Thornhill, Ontario but living in residence downtown Toronto for easier commuting, and I’m fresh out of high school like most of everybody here.

I have dabbled a bit in everything; in terms of Visual Arts, I’ve tried painting (acrylic), drawing (graphite & pencil crayons), sculpture (clay & soapstone) and printmaking (Intaglio). Whereas in Media Art, I’ve also tried photography, photo manipulation (Photoshop), filming and even animation. I am crazy versatile and I want to continue that versatility as well as to have an open-mindness about everything that I approach. I look forward to working alongside with everyone in Time-Based Media and other classes! Peace.

Hello my name is Stef

Hey! whuddup? my name is Stef and i’m 19 years old. I live West of Toronto in Etobicoke, it takes about an hour to get to school everyday but it’s good for getting my reading done.  I just finished my 5th year of highschool and am so frikin’ happy to be out.  About a year ago I was accepeted to OCAD for graphic design, but did a victory lap and decided that it was not my calling.  I applied again but this time for drawing and painting and here I am! I guess i’m just a nerd because I love pretty much every media to do with art, although you will probably find me painting or sculpting most of the time, it’s just because I want something cool to put in my room.

I’m very curious to see what things everyone will come up with this semster and I can’t wait 🙂