Project #3: Website

Artist Statement

The concept behind this site was focused on the visually response to the scanned film strips whilst keeping it within a simplistic and monochromatic layout, not necessarily a large focus on the interactive notion of the viewer making a decision on the final outcome, but it was created to keep the viewer interested. During the process of making this, I came across many problems (especially in scanning the actual film) but none the less, with trial and error, I am quite satisfied with the result of my site. The film strip itself portrays an explosion, representing the thought process of how an idea is formed. I wanted to somewhat manipulate the viewers response with the story line of the film as it progresses through the different stages. The development of the internet has provided a give and take service, which I wanted to latch onto. What ever thoughts you had when coming to view the site, I aimed to enhance that, takes those thoughts – what ever they may be – and take them on a journey.