reading response 3


as media evolved during the last century like no other before we start noticing different reaction because of the globalization en the conflict with many languages and cultures.

As modern culture believed that that all of these subject where able to be defined, critiqued and studied, Roland Barthes was an early linguist who started to look at the effects of images beside written language. He was not the only one who became aware that “normal” behavior, style, and other social accepted signs and communication. The non verbal sign language that is found in the physical world in every social structure and even outside every on all over the world.

Signs are very important in every facet of human life because it’s the apex of our understanding that sweet spot we automatically look for in any context.Because if we can figure out what the situation tell us we wouldn’t be able to perceive danger or maybe opportunity. Its like how would a farmer know when his patatoe’s are good to be harvested,or by the looks of the facial expression of the actress we can almost read what is going trough her mind these signs are denotative they are not merely objective.But they are telling us a expected reaction linked to the sign in most of the logical cases anyways.Like the actor gave her a rose and the actress started to blush and look at her feet shifting the wait from one foot to the other so to speak now wouldn’t you say that body language sounds shy?

but there are tons of examples how about the black and yellow on a wasp, u know that wasps have a sting and the color way you would recognize right away when u came across one.So here the color means attention just like the fluorescent yellow construction vest. Traffic signs.product labels all these tell you way more than the objective picture,and what did this meant for film and other media well obvious people started to play with these signs and started to use them to communicate their idea’s even more.Emphasizing cultural background and thinking about the surface meaning and the thought behind and context behind it.These codes became a handy tool for artist,media producers/makers and companies trough out the last few centurys but even b