Reading response 4

From participation to interaction

before art was like a message the producer had the idea or most often the person who hired the painter o sculptor to communicate or glorify a person object. Or make a statement trough building innovation defensive reason or to show the community wealth and power by holding on to the notion “the bigger the better”.

in the last century this slowly shifted to a more interactive program where the audience is integrated into the pieces and or asked to participate, the dialogue chanced and so did the focus on quality of the actual artistic material. so the next thing is criticism and objects to be altered or to be tempered with on random by visitors of the installation.

artist tried and to step away from the term art with their integrated endeavors and success, not to make a statement against art but to emphasize the relation of their pieces and their social dynamics in relation to the audience.Here an artist named John Cage but the label on this phenomenon as “the happening”

Moving away from the movement of the human body alone the term cyborg,cybernetic robot or simply electronic art came into play with its anthropomorphism.Where electronic devices with a  some what human capability to react and interact with external input and stimulation and internal programing to perform actions and task’s. these robots created a modern interesting dialogue between the technological and the natural world.

with the progress of these new art forms sound,image movement w here all tackled and explored and used for the audience to experience.Al this interaction made a huge difference between old and new cinema due to the drastic changes of what life art and installation meant between the old and new, social situation and life are being questioned now the material is being upgraded into a  more automatic scape of modern electronics.where the early innovate art stays behind and automated dialogue takes its place.