comic sans you say?

November 22, 2011

If you’ve heard that comic sans is a classy font, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s far from “classy.” This is definitely based on one’s own opinion, but I feel like ranting about my hatred  “negative feelings” towards the typeface. Comic Sans was released by Microsoft Cooperation in 1994 as a mock of the traditional comic book font. Personally I think that the font is painful to look at because it’s lack of repetition and form. For example; the lowercase ‘s’ has some form of serif on the top of it, while the uppercase ‘S’ doesn’t have any form of serif.

There is no unity and the letters do not fit together as one. So not only does it look like a child’s font, but it looks like letters have been pulled and mashed together from different fonts. Essentially I believe that this would be considered as a Funky Font, which can be used… But only if absolutely necessary. It’s like when someone would use dripping letters to convey that something was scary.
All I’m saying is that please be careful when choosing fonts and if you do decide to use comic sans… Please re-think.








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