Jesse’s Project Four Images

December 21, 2010

Found Form: Emily Laur

December 20, 2010

Original state:

Rehabilitation Process:

Healed Product:

Welcome your flaws, for they are what make you beautiful.


Project Four Broken Chair: Xiao Wen Crystal Li

December 20, 2010

1. I was a brand new chair bought in a kindergarten            2,3. kids always mistreeat me >< They broke me into pieces.         4. Luckly, staff in kindergarten had me fixed.              5. As the kindergarten shut down, I got abandoned but luckly I got picked up by a nice guy.            6. …. I feel bad for him.             7. I got abandoned on the street again…           8. My new owner saved me and had me fixed and painted in blue.          9. She took off my sitting and tied me with ropes.              10. I am back to life again!!!

Project Four, Maggie Brettle

December 19, 2010

This photo was not taken at an angle. It was rickety, and you could push it around.

Project Four, Biwei Tan

December 16, 2010

Project Four: Sabesh Balasingam

December 15, 2010

Project 4

December 14, 2010

Rohann Agalawatte

From Table to Chair

Project 5: Sammy Lam

December 13, 2010

Cardboard bean chair that ROCKS!

Project 4: Sammy Lam

December 13, 2010

Broken Chairs found in different locations and timeframes:

Final Chair after joining:

Once a 24/7 hour super hero, it had to sacrifice its chair identity and became a stool. 5 years later, which is 40 chair years, it now retires and comes across the broken dying chair. The broken chair offers it’s parts to rebuild the old stool hero and give it the chair social life it never had. Now the chair supports the stool and helps it become the chair it deserved.

Project Four: Maliha Naseem

December 12, 2010

PROJECT #4- Hyein(Hannah) Kim

December 11, 2010

Guitarist chair


An old man did’t have anything in his life. He was broken by people who have authority like broken chair.

He had bad memory behind him. He thought he couldn’t do anything in his life.

Some day, he met guitar by destiny and he found new life by playing guitar( The broken guitar holder was besisde broken chair in same garage )

He was happy because he had something can fill his empty life  and he became famous guitarist.

He is still singing with playing guitar.

Now, an old man can’t live without guitar like  broken chair can’t stand without guitar holder.

Project 4: Found Structure (Will Anderson)

December 10, 2010

I found this chair  leaning against a chain link fence on the side of the road on Queenstreet West.  It is a Bauhaus design, specifically a Mart Stam model.

The leather seat and back had almost completely disintegrated, and the chair was extremely wobbly, with screws and plastic ties loosely holding the foot stand together.  It was also extremely dirty and rusty.

As soon as I removed the leather seating, and armrests, I immediately  liked the stark, aesthetic quality of the metal frame.  I wanted to retain the simple feeling, so I chose a material that reflected that, i.e the chain-link fence.

The Narrative: …Once upon a time, there was a lethargic and lazy prison guard, who fell asleep on the job.  While he was asleep, ten prisoners snuck by him and cut a hole out of the chainlink fence using nothing but a penknife one of them had managed to smuggle in.  As punishment for allowing such a thing to happen, and to ensure that he wouldn’t fall asleep again, he was forced to sit on a chair made from the very fence from which he let the prisoners escape…

Project Five: Emily Laur and Tiffany Chan

December 10, 2010

Project Four- Tiffany Chan

December 10, 2010

Original Chair

Finished Product

Project Four: Chair

December 10, 2010

Found objects;


Basically, the story of these two chair is that they both abandon by their owner for different reasons. The baby high chair abandon by his owner because as day goes by, the baby has grown up, and do not need the high chair anymore. Therefore, the baby high chair become useless and homeless. And by the meantime, the baby chair meets his neighbourhood Mr.chair in the garbage. Mr.Chair is been abandon by his owner as well, because he is too old and broken. SO NOW….

And at the end, they live happy ever after~


PS: the reason why i chose to use glass plastic board to remake the chair is because it is a good material to develop a feeling of recover and fresh. Also, I think structure plays an important role in this course, so I hope people can clearly see the whole craft and construction of this chair through (the plastic board) 360 degrees.

Project Four : Katherine Sheppard

December 9, 2010

The story:
This chair was kicked to the curb after a christmas eve dinner with all of the other fancy dinning chairs. The other chairs made fun of him for being so ugly and because he couldn’t hold the weight of old uncle earl. Santa’s elves found this chair on the side of the road and decided to fix him up so all the other chairs would be jealous of him. Now the chair is as good as new and everyone wanted to sit on him.
The end.

Project 4:Piano Chair_Hae-In

December 9, 2010

Piano Chair

(chair image 1,2,3 ,story, poster)

short video of playing piano

Project Four: My Chair

December 8, 2010

Finally finished!

Project 4 final – Samantha Staddon

December 7, 2010

The Original

The Final Design

Project 2- Maliha Naseem

December 7, 2010

Project 4: Jonathan Barbati

December 7, 2010

You cant have beauty and comfort…

Project 5: Jonathan Barbati & Maliha Naseem

December 7, 2010

Project 5 – Bron

December 6, 2010

Rough drawing 1

Model 1-2

Project 4 draft-Samantha Staddon

December 1, 2010

Finally found a chair on Monday, forgot to post the images.

Chair found on College St and….something-or-other Rd. The left arm rest/leg had almost broken off.

By the time I got it to the classroom, the leg had come completely off.

Project 5

December 1, 2010

Designers: Amrit, Meghan and Samantha

The Instructions:

Project 5

December 1, 2010

PROJECT5-Functional Construction

November 30, 2010

Bear Chair

Designers: Katrina Luo, Crystal Li, Hannah Kim

Project Five: Rohann and Kevin

November 26, 2010

Group Members:  Rohann Agalawatte and Kevin Jenkins


November 25, 2010


1. photo of the chair.

2. each pieces  .

3. instruction.

Yonge Street, Biwei Tan

November 24, 2010

Yonge Street