Exercise Five: Love & Hate. Spencer Bryant-Longo

The Object that i Love is my tired old Samsung Flip Phone. Its Affordance is quite clear as it easily flips open to reveal a speaker to hear from and a microphone to talk through that end up lining up directly beside my ear and mouth (I often find myself laughing at people who use particularly small phones and can be seen moving the phone back and forth from their ear to there mouth as if the phone wont work properly in a stationary position). Psychological Constraints in the form of conventions make answering and ending calls (the primary function of the phone) incredibly easy as there is a green phone symbol for call and a red phone symbol for end call. Visibility is Clear and in abundance with this phone, even though i have broken the small front screen and i no longer can see the call or message information without opening the phone it still lights up whenever a new call or alert has occured causing me to check the inside screen for the new information. I also appreciate the simplicity of this phone and it is one of the main reasons why i haven’t replaced it, there seems to be nothing simpler out there on the market as far as phones go, call me crazy but i just want to have a phone to talk to people. i have a computer for all the other stuff.

The Object that i hate is my Crank Brothers Power Pump. Although this little pump is actually quite ingenious in its ability to change from a high volume to a high pressure pump, i regularly choose to not use it as it is almost impossible to get your tires pumped up to the required pressure. This device is certainly not designed for regular maintanance use and is more of a to get you home in a pinch (no pun intended for any bike mechanics out there). It uses Two different Axes as its Physical Constraints one in the form of the high and low pressure and volume selections on the bottom and one to determine which valve stem head you are going to inflate (i.e. presta [road bikes, mountain bikes] or schreader [Found on automobiles and many different types of bikes]). the Axes of the Valve selection is well mapped and makes it clear which selection has been made but the Axes for the Pressure selection does not indicate which selection you have made and therefore you must always check by seeing which way you can rotate the Axes to determine which pressure setting you have selected. The real reason i hate this pump is its compact size although wonderful for transport in the smallest of containers/bags Affords very little room to hold the head of the pump on the valve when pumping. If the design was to simply incorperate a short hose from the end of the pump to he pump head  that would remove the space issue without greatly increasing the overall footprint of the pump. The pump in its simple piston design does Afford pumping though and for this i do find it to accomplish its task, just not very easily.