Exercise Three: Strategies for Conveying Information

Structure_MapsDiagram#FFF5C.pptYour Project One group has been assigned two or three examples of strategies derived from the Gestalt Laws of Pattern Perception that can be employed to convey information. The strategy assignments are as follows:

Group Sight: Alignment, Closure, Common Fate
Group Touch: Figure Group Relationship, Good Continuation
Group Taste: Highlighting, Interference Effects, Law of Pragnanz
Group Hearing: Layering, Orientation Sensitivity, Proximity
Group Smell: Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Uniform Connectedness

In your Project One groups, create a blog post that summarizes your assigned strategies for the class. Click here to download the relevant pages from Universal Principles of Design. For each strategy, include at least one illustration that is not found in Universal Principles of Design. Be prepared to briefly present your post next week.

Exercise Three is due at 08:30 on Monday, January 25.