Introduction: Christine Carmen Chow

987987987picture-155                         Hi everyone! Nice to meet you, my name is Christine Chow, and  calling me Christine is just fine.


I am in the Material Art and Design Program at OCAD


10 years into the future, I see myself  doing textile and fashion design. I would like to work for many big companies, travel around the world and maybe have my own brand someday. I might also do work associated with graphic design, photography, film, or jewelry. I have many interests in the arts including performing arts as well.

I would say I HAVE NO CLUE with technologies. I find them confusing and rather not work with complex computer programs.  However I believe I am alright at working with simple photoshop, video edits, and using cameras/cellphones/ipod etc.


That’s a little about me, and I’m looking forward to start this semester with all of you!! =)