Love and hate or love to hate. Greg McRoberts

Lets get it over with. The thing I hate is my computer. It is not friendly, it does not work properly, and it is unreliable. I feel the need to go deeper as to why. While it has good visibility, in that all the functions are clearly labeled and their function paths are clearly mapped, the buttons function in a way that act as physical barriers to allow a specific function to occur, however the internal paths and mapping often are in conflict. It lacks affordance to limit problems. I can’t wait to get a MAC. If I could change just one thing it would be a little more feedback to let the user know how to prevent problems, or I just might give it some feedback of my own.

My object d’amour is without a doubt my IPhone. This thing offers instant feedback from the clicking buttons, even though they are virtual. It has built in affordance to allow other third party software developers to make apps and help the device grow. The buttons are a physical constraint that allows a good path through the usage of the device. The functions are well mapped allowing the user to use the device with little to no prior knowledge of smart phones. It is reliable, witch I cant say the same for my PC counterpart, and offers convenience and instant results when used. The apps are chosen on a user to user basis and this affords a different experience for every user. Nice piece of kit.