Rui Felix : Love and Hate

Hate : Smoke Alarm

Mapping and Visibility are a problem as directions are hard to read, they are in the same colour of the device (white), for aesthetic reasons, the writing curves around the edges, so while you strain your neck looking up you also have to twist your head around to read.  When the alarm goes off your first reactions might be either/ or include both pressing the “test” button which will make the alarm go off even more or to twist in the direction given to remove item which will cause you to tug at the electric wires it is attached too.  Since the device is so sensitive it would make life so much easier to just have an “off” button, instead you have to run to it with the first thing you can get your hands on or just wave your hand insanely until it turns off.  At around dinnertime we can hear a synchronized symphony of smoke alarms beeping through out the building, and I can just picture numerous amateur maestros waving their kitchen towels in the air.  The purpose of the smoke alarm is to detect smoke and warn us of a fire.  There seems to be no constraints though to what it actually detects, as it will actually warn me that my toaster is on or that I have water boiling on my stove, my English muffins don’t even have time to get brown.  I am nervous while I toast my bread in the early morning because I am afraid the smoke alarm will go off and wake up my roommate.  It has to be one of the most annoying products in my house.

Love: Camera

I love my “point and shoot”, CANON POWER SHOT SD550.  It has sold me on the brand and when I do buy my digital SLR in the future, I have no problem if it is the same brand.  Maybe I am just impressed about digital cameras in general, as my last camera was a manual SLR and it did not produce anything close to what this one does.  The convenience of digital cameras is just spectacular compared to what life used to be; saving money on film, wasted prints, and just the instant results displayed on the screen.  The quality of image this little camera produces is great and makes me look like a good photographer.  It’s physical quality is also impressive, I have dropped the camera twice, and it is still “ticking”, it has come with me on many travels; rain, sun, sand, trains, planes, bicycles, in my back pocket, etc, and it is still going.  It is light and easy to use, I am able to operate the camera with one hand; focus, change settings, and take the picture.  The affordances are simple recognizable and make it for easy and fast usage of the controls.  Proper use of mapping and constraint is used is by only displaying the minimal required buttons in the back of the camera and the rest of the settings in an easy to navigate menu.  This camera has renewed a passion that was once lost.