Project 2-Toy-K

Voice change loudspeaker

  • Voice changing mechanism that allows to change voice
  • Fun toy for all ages especially people who like pranks
  • Small and portable toy
  • Simple and intuitive use
  • Users will feel socio-pleasure
  • Could be used as an collectable accessory in terms of colour, size and shape

Cabbage shuttlecock

  • Shuttlecock shaped as a cabbage
  • Collectable toy (different shapes of vegetables)
  • Many different types of games can be played
  • Users will feel physical pleasure

Stress releaser pen

  • Rotating punching bag connected at the tip of the pen that goes around in circles. It also records how many times it goes around.
  • Fun toy that brings competition as the high score changes.
  • Users will feel physical pleasure
  • Small and easy access to usage