Excercise 6: A Bouncy Ball with Duck inside

This bouncy ball is about medium in size. It has a very attractive appearence of a duck/goose swiming inside which attracts people to observe it. People are satisfied when it bounces back to them. People will begin to bounce it harder with more force as they are comfortable with knowing the amount of force they need to apply as they throw it onto the ground. Most people are very focused and concentrated on the ball, not letting it bounce  out of control. It can lso be played with multiple players bouncing back and forth to each other, or simply alone.

2 Responses to “Excercise 6: A Bouncy Ball with Duck inside”

  1.   Angela Vuong Says:

    Haha, I used to love these things when I was younger… but because they’re so small, they always used to bounce out of control and I would lose them all the time. It didn’t really matter though because they only cost 25 cents from the vending machine… Anyway, you are right! I was satisfied with my ball bounced back to me!

  2.   Rui Felix Says:

    i like your bouncy duck too, it kind of reminds me of those glass ornaments with the snowy landscapes inside, so i think it’s harder than it actually is.