Exercise Six: Falcon V Flying Gyrocopter! Spencer Bryant-Longo

This Toy is frustrating.

Very Hard to just pick up and play with it

People seem to be timid to use but like to observe

3 Responses to “Exercise Six: Falcon V Flying Gyrocopter! Spencer Bryant-Longo”

  1.   Ashkan Kas Guy Soughyan Says:

    If only it would turn!
    Watch out for those dangling helicopter traps.

  2.   Christine Chow Says:

    yes youre right, it was so fascinating to watch it up in the air flying around!

  3.   Gregory McRoberts Says:

    I have one of these from another company and it works amazing. Try the spin master Havoc or Razor. They rock. I love rc toys. It was great to see it fly!