Exercise Six: Nom Nom Pig



  • Not really straightforward – needs instructions for objective of toy, as well as resting.
  • Difficult to pump
  • Something new – more people amused and attracted
  • “Toy you can still play with when older”
  • Intuitive chewing -> making pig chew. Flexible rubber mouth, looks like chewing
  • What is fun?
  • Figuring out problem with a prize in mind
  • Replay value without getting repetative

2 Responses to “Exercise Six: Nom Nom Pig”

  1.   Yan Zeng Says:

    this toy really made me interested at first because I can’t figure out how to play without an instruction. repeating same movement leads to feel more exciting to see result, and at the end of a game it shocked me a little. it is best to be played with more than 2 people, so that the fun is to play with companion.

  2.   Danielle Catherine Kuindersma Says:

    I’m a very competitive person, so this toy gave me a very fun experience. It would be good for young children because there isn’t much intelligence needed to play, but at the same time it is also fun for slightly older kids because if you take time to think about the game you can figure out the probability of picking a certain number as long as you payed attention to the numbers and colors of burgers that have already been picked. I enjoyed the simplicity of the game as well as the possibility for intellectual play. That, along with the humorous reaction of the toy when you lose the game (the shirt popping open) made this toy one of my favorites.