Matthew Williams’ Sketches

Sorry for the lateness, just realized from Spencer what I could do to get the pics up.

The first 6 sketches were Ghost stencils, Metro Sexual Male toy, Fixed Gear Bike Model, Swedish Death Metal finger puppets, ‘Ghetto’ guns, and Wheels for your TV remote. I got some feedback from a few friends and they said to go with the finger puppets, fixed gear model, and the stencils. The designophile and hipster would both like the fixed gear model due to its trendiness and refined style, but extremely hard to make. The ghost stencils would be for a younger audience so wouldn’t really fit this project and not too fun. The winner, courtesy of feedback from some fellow students,  seems to be the Swedish Death Metal finger puppets made from sewn material and fake hair. Someone suggested they could also be pencil toppers and could mimic real life rock stars. These could come in sets of Death Metal figures, Classic Rockers, or Hardcore. Now you can headbang without the headrush. These can be made on a sewing machine and I think the stoner might find this worth buying.