Project 2 : Felix Chan

Emotion sensor

  • It only works on the thing which has a usb plug
  • make fun when you does not have a webcam
  • there are a sensor and a monitor
  • Press the sensor with your fingers
  • Show the person on the other side the face or words you want to show
  • the monitor on the other side will light on with the emotion you just press
  • common emotions like =), =_=, > <
  • common words like sup, brb, see u, bye

Shocking puzzle

  • a puzzle sensor and a electric shocking machine
  • 2 competitors have to finish the puzzle as fast as they can
  • they have to put one hand on the “shocker” and use other to puzzle
  • loser will get a electric shock

Doll in a ball

  • It is just a common soft ball if you play around it
  • When you open it, somethings pop out
  • there is a dog inside
  • you can put whatever you want inside