Project 2 Greg Mcroberts Toy Ideas and Concepts

1- Glow Pad

2- Rube Goldberg Construction Set

3- Simple Geared machines Kit

4- Customizable Fish Submarine

5- Pop Bottle Car and Rocket Kit

6- 3d Comic Kit

7- Custom walking lego OCAD Building

Glow Pad

  Glow pad uses a reactive pad that glows when exposed to light. Uses light pen that has crank to generate electricity making allowances to eliminate batteries, and generates feedback in the form of the dimming light, to let you know when to recharge the pen. The visibility of the crank will be our intuitive nature for us to turn it.  Combined with included templates, or one you make or find, instant results can be achieved. The user can make images that are temporary and reusable indefinitely. Glow pad will also use different coulored pads to suit user’s individual taste.

Rube Goldberg Construction set.

      The famous comic artis Rube Goldberg, was known for his intricate drawings of very complex but simple machines constructed to do a simple task like making orange juice. The more unnecessary events that take place from step to step are what make these constructed objects fun. This kit would comprise of elements that go together in a modular system, to make a set of events occur that begin with a gravity fed ball, and as a ball travels a path it sets other events in motion, such as the turning of a wheel, that can generate electricity, making allowances to eliminate the need for batteries,  that can be used to power LED lights, sounds, or mp3 player, giving the user instant results. Engaging the mind, watching the results, and offering endless combinations is the root of the fun here.

Two Litre Pop Bottle Car/Rocket

        In the form of a kit, combined with a repurposed two ltr pop bottle, the user constructs a car and a rocket out of the elements included with the kit, that is powered by water and pressure to achieve thrust and forward motion. In the box would be a set of fins, and a cone for the rocket, and a set of wheels and chassis for the car. The user puts in water and pumps the pressure with included pump or bicycle tire pump. Kit comes with universal pump and bottle interface with launch release switch. 

Custom OCAD Table top walker

     This would consist of lego elements that build a miniature version of the OCAD table top building. When built the stilts would act as legs giving this model the ability to walk. Using the Lego Digital Designer program to make this kit a reality.