Project 2 : Rui’s Toy Concepts

Flying Plush Toys

  • somebody stressing you out?
  • grab your Flying Poo
  • hold on to the elastic end
  • pull the poo’s tip back
  • a couple of practice throws might be needed to calculate distance / pulling ratio
  • freak somebody out as they see an object fly at them that normally would not be flying
  • also comes in Flying Brick and Flying Bottle


Art History Figurines

  • Choose your favorite Art History Subject
  • Enjoy it’s new monster version
  • You have the “Mutt You” version of the Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain
  • “Monacula” version of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa
  • “Las Bad Girls” version of Velazquez’s Las Meninas
  • Great tool to help you study

+ Paper Art History Characters

  • print your favorite art history character
  • cut them out
  • use double sided tape to put them together


Head Sharpener

  • stick you favorite pencils through the heads eyes for easy access
  • sharpen your pencil through the built in sharpener on the side of the head
  • enjoy watching as the head “throws up” the waste
  • take out some aggression with the head as you stab it with the pencils

One Response to “Project 2 : Rui’s Toy Concepts”

  1.   Rui Felix Says:

    -the group enjoyed the FLYING PLUSH TOYS idea, someone brought up recommendation to put a loop on the elastic to make it easier to hold, but that would hinder the process as the elastic would get stuck on the finger, another possibility is to use an object where a loop could hang on to while the user pulls back on the toy. but i think it’s better not to have any extra items to go along with the plush toy. will be doing some field tests soon to test out the elastic idea. This idea is more limited to who would enjoy it, i could see it more for male students with a good sense of humor.

    -the art history monster ideas were also well taken, more of as a collectors item that university students can relate too. majority enjoyed the figurines, while one person enjoyed better the folding paper idea because it would be more interactive and challenging. I could see all personas enjoying this item.

    -the head sharpener did not get a lot of feedback, it is not so much a toy, because of it’s function as a pencil sharpener.