Project Two: Anna Pavlenko



1. Sew your own clothes for stuffed animal/doll

  • Individual toy, with single reward at the end
  • Included with basic fabrics, patterns, and mini-sewing kit
  • Satisfaction of creating your own toy from scratch
  • Learning/Tuning up skills
  • Could be available for boys as well, for example re-created stuffed bugs, dinosaurs, footballs

2. Iron on designs able to be rewashed

  • Unattainable technology
  • Re-play value
  • Lets a consumer get ideas with the changing fads

3.  Erasable markers on clothing (could be used with ideas 1&2)

  • Like the markers that came with those stuffed bears, then wash them and draw on them again.
  • Good for people who make mistakes, not pressured to have it done right the first time.