Project Two: Bailey Henderson

Toy 1: Rearranging Toy.

The toy is separated into different sections, which are held together by magnets. The point of this toy is to rearrange the pieces, and have fun coming up with different ways to assemble them.

This toy would be good to keep one’s hands busy, such as while talking on the phone.

This toy could work as a set; there could be a variety of different animals to choose from.


Toy 2: Frog Toy

This is a toy of a frog, that could either be a rubber, or a plush toy. The point of the toy is that you squeeze the toy, and the frogs tongue sticks out. This has the potential to be fun as it could be used to bother friends; you can walk up behind them and shoot the tongue out at them.

Toy 3: Bizarre Toy

This is a set of bizarre figures or plush toys. There would be more in the set than these two examples. The idea was to take the name of an animal ( leopard frog) and create a toy of the animal, based on  the name ( a leopard that is also a frog). These would be a sort of collectable toy. They would be fun to look at.

One Response to “Project Two: Bailey Henderson”

  1.   Bailey Paige Henderson Says:

    Toy 1:
    – Build on the idea; it has the potential to be fun.
    – What makes people want to take apart the toy?
    – Perhaps, have a selection of body parts, with multiple heads/ arms, etc… And people can build their own animal instead of just rearranging a pre-determined animal.
    – Polarity of magnets causes movement restrictions; pieces will only fit together certain ways. Try something else.

    Toy 2:
    – Would be fun for pulling pranks.
    – Maybe it isn’t that fun for the age group; it is more of a children’s toy.
    – It could be a water gun.

    Toy 3:
    – It is a neat concept, which suits the age group.
    – The figures should have moving parts, and joints. Without these, they are limited to being toys to look at, instead of being toys to interact with.
    – The animals should not look so realistic, in order to make them more interesting to look at.
    – They should be bright colours.
    – Chose more interesting animal combinations.
    – Interchangeable body parts between figures would be fun. People could buy all of the figures, and change the body parts around in order to make even weirder creatures.