Project Two – Braden Mangione

Idea one – Character masks
Would be strong as a series: possibility for collectible aspect, as well as picking one which suits your personality, or separates you from your friends who also buy one. Or more!
-Function should be more implied by appearance of it, playing, partying, collecting, being Daft Punk, etc.
-Certain masks for certain personas, once person puts on mask, they BECOME the character, much easier for this character to become you and for you to become them. Easily customizable with stickers, paintable surfaces and white vinyl DIY versions. Tons of possibilities.

Idea two – lesser-known Canadian politician sock dolls
-Would also work better as a series, more for humour and collectibility than anything else.
-Buyers would choose the politician that suited their views or that they thought was the funniest looking
-Each doll coming with a pin of the political party and info about it would subtly educate while not pushing any specific party, since dolls would only be made of the unpopular politicians.
-Hard to make for class, but would be funny as a novelty. Might pertain to a slightly larger audience, not simply college-aged persons.

Idea three – Canadian celebrity bobble-heads (featuring Doug Henning, Leslie Neilson, Eugene Levy, etc.)
-Provides nostalgic pleasure for people who can remember the 80s, while providing aesthetic humour to anyone who doesn’t.
-Figures are relatively small, can be put anywhere including popular places like car dashboards, where others will see them and find enjoyment instantly.
-Builds its popularity on the past, no need to build immense popularity on its own like Homies, so sales would take little time to take off.