Project Two: Sean Colins

Three of my toy ideas and rough sketches:

Interactive Clothing:

  • Clothing has never been so much fun
  • This is a series of clothing that, in a two-dimensional way, takes the form of objects which come in contact with it
  • It is ideal for playing games such as tag, tick tac toe, Pictionary, etc.
  • There are no limitations of what can be donewith these cloths
  • It would work through a treated material that reacts to touch, something similar to American Apparels thermo chromatic tee-shirts, however touch   sensitive rather than heat sensitive

Outfit Dolls:

  • Figuring out what to wear can sometimes become an unnecessary process
  • Trying on multiple articles of clothing is both time consuming and annoying
  • Rather than trying on everything you own, you can test it on the doll
  • Doll sits on your desk or vanity and acts as your own little model
  • When buying an article of clothing from select stores, you receive that same piece on a smaller scale which is suitable for your doll
  • This toy makes the experience of getting dressed much more pleasant

Gator Arms:

  • This is a set of sleeves that resembles an alligators upper body (mainly mouth)
  • They are constructed of foam, cotton fabric, and carbon fiber for support
  • Two people wear these and compete with one another to get the other competitors “food”
  • (This was based off an idea I created, and never used last semester)