project two: toy design sketches

toy number one: the kitty kneader (drawing a total rip off of simon’s cat)

  • for when you miss your cat
  • turning it on enables a purring sound, and the kitty starts to knead your palm
  • when other people have the kitties then they meow/chatter when they are near each other

toy number two: the witch doctor

  • comes with a charm necklace/bracelet with realistic looking fake teeth and bones and beaks
  • also comes with dream catcher for your room
  • comes with several different masks for different purposes – healing, ritual, solstice, etc

toy number three: ____squatch

  • blindbox assortment
  • four different possibilities in first series: copsquatch, businessquatch, astrosquatch, and lumbersquatch
  • accessories come with squatch according to his career choice, and box folds out to act as scenery for him
  • he is bendy and comes with his features/fur already established but can be colored and recolored to the owner’s content