Toy Designs – Dani

Rescue Helicopter

  • throw the army man and parachute into the air
  • as he falls, press the button on the helicopter to blow air into the chute
  • try to keep the army man in the air for as long as possible

Lucky Cups

  • put 10 pieces into your cup (divide into red and blue for an easy game, or colored if you want to try and remember the numbers)
  • shake the cup and dump the pieces on the table
  • order the pieces from 1 to 10, guessing which piece go where if the piece is color side up
  • flip them over and see how many are in order

*if you play the easy way its all luck, but if you pick a random colored 1 – 10 then you can figure out which numbers a red and which are blue, therefore allowing you to better guess the order of the numbers on your next turn

Zombie Boy

  • the doll has zippers on its mouth, head, and stomach
  • it comes with stress ball organs
  • open the doll and put the organs wherever you want
  • there are barriers dividing the head, mouth, and stomach but the organs can be pushed through them if you want. If you don’t push them through they will just sit wherever you placed them to begin with

One Response to “Toy Designs – Dani”

  1.   Danielle Catherine Kuindersma Says:

    For the Lucky Cups the idea of picking your own pieces and therefore allowing the game to be about memory and not luck seemed to push the rules of the game too far. You could figure out how to play the game normally, but the 2nd option of play was not as obvious and would probably confuse people.

    The zombie toy seems to work well. Experiment with the organs and the materials for certain parts of the doll (eg. what texture/color fabric should be used in his head? his mouth? his stomach? his overall skin?) This doll could be marketed as a collectable if different designs were made.