Activate Narrative

ATTENTION ACTIVATE TEAM: Here is a rough draft of a concept I have devised

This concept is a narrative to help support the personas and give explanation as to why the talking objects are there. The personas now engage the audience on the basis that they are unaware they have been transformed into objects and are no longer human. The general idea here is to make a point about people being represented by what they purchase. By portraying low-brow characters as consumer objects we can illustrate the concept that we as people consume unnecessarily and appropriate the objects we purchase as trademarks of our identities. In the urban environment the appropriation of commercial brands into personal identity is common place, rarely do we consider the consequences.  You are what you consume.

The narrative is based on an idea of a spirit looking down and observing the imbalanced consuming habits of the human race.

The Spirit of human hunger realized there was an imbalance  in the human appetite for corporeal desires. The Spirit set forth to control the human race’s insatiable desire to horde and consume material goods. The Spirit decided to turn the worst and most insatiable consumers into that which they desire most! From the earth the spirit plucked three hungry little monsters and silenced their squeals with a wave of the hand. In an instant the hungriest consumers on earth were transformed into the products they desire most. Now they await the end of their punishment in the Great Hall at OCAD, unaware they have become objects of consumerism. They seek verification of their identities and request assistance from the audience.

prissy girl/princess/royalty

-same personality as originally discused

– represented by a Holt Renfrew bag

Royalty Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a Holts bag

catch lines are used to engage the audience

1″Hey you, yoo hoo! Excuse me?”

2″Do You have a mirror I haven’t looked at myself all day?”

3″Somebody get me a mirror stat!”

4″Oh my god! I’m a pink bag!!!..Hey I look good in this colour!”

5″Can you take me shopping? I’m dying to get something from Holts!”

drunk/surfer/party animal

Party Animal Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a 24 case of beer

-same personality as originally discussed

-represented by 24 case of beer

1″Oh man my head, what a hangover!”

2″Dude! Hey dude, can you get me a beer?”

3 Person tries to get beer from the 24 case…”Hey dude what are you doing?I said get me a beer not pull my ear!”

4 “Sick!!! I’m a case of beer!”

5 I’m gonna party tonight! Hey dude, wanna party?

romantic/pick-up artist/ the egotist

-represented by a bottle of cheap colonge

-same personality as discussed

Ego Persona: he/she wakes up in the body of a bottle of colonge

1″Hey good lookin”

2 “Wanna give me a hand, I wanna check out (my romantic possibilities) but I cant move!.. Person approaches and sprays perfume the bottle responds..

3 One minute I’m about to score the next minute i’m cheap cologne”

5″I buy like 5 bottles of perfume a week.”

This is not meant to change anything this is an expansion on the original ideas discussed in class.

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4 Responses to “Activate Narrative”

  1.   Kirsten Meredith Webb Says:

    The Spirit of Human Hunger character can be at the Activate event. Acting in costume, the spirit will ask the audience if they have “seen the Lost Urbanites?”, the consumer hungry souls that are now the talking products. The Spirit will tell the story of why the little monsters had to learn their lesson about the balance of consumption. The spirit wants to teach everyone the importance of balancing your hunger, or consumer appetite.

  2.   Dallas MacWilliam Says:

    hey so i thought there were 4 of us in the persona group? or is one of us the elevator?
    i know i wasn’t there today but i did post stuff attached to the other
    if we need another one
    i was kinda thinking of doing one that is like brutally honest
    might be kinda funny
    like not much emotion
    just kinda strait up
    but if we are only doing three
    and we switching or what?

  3.   Kirsten Meredith Webb Says:

    Hey Dallas, we decided to go with three personas because of the limited equipment we have available to do the event. We will be changing speakers every hour for the event, for example three people do the talking for one persona, talking one hour each. Oh and the elevator was scratched as an idea because of logistical reasons.

  4.   Dallas MacWilliam Says:

    Thx for letting me know Kirsten
    i have posted a comment on the sign up sheet for voices
    – Dallas