Activate Job List

Build team with Promo team

3 things/stands exactly the same with base for object.

Greg is collecting necessary boxes and will be the liaison between the two groups

please post a list of all team members names to the post and photos or sketches of the

final design for both the stand and boxes.

Persona team:

please post team members names within your post

Burnout Drunk



Create a back story and go to list of conversation options

Tech Team:

have 3 setups ready, complete for interaction

create a master list of equipment for the day that encompases all situations. i.e. location issues, extension chords, chord bumpers etc.

make sure that all equipment is tested and functioning properly before hand.

list team members names within the blog post

Documentation Team:

get web site up and running by thursday of this week so that we are sure its ready for use.

disperse amongst the other groups and do your best to capture the process work individually