Activate Teams

In today’s class the decision was made to combine the two ideas of the talking box and animate elevator. The two concepts have been combined  and will produce the installation we submit as a class to the Activate event.

These are the teams for the Activate project decided on Monaday the 22nd. These teams may change accordingly.

Coordinators will be meeting (Kirsten, Matt, Spencer),  Check the Blog on Wed 24th for an update on the project

PROMO – Tasks include: designing box, promoting day-of (Have you noticed the talking boxes?), set up, web design and postings

Team Members: Sean, Sara, Bailey, Iva, Braden, Milka

DOCUMENTATION – Tasks include: creating extension, Filming, Editing, capturing ractions

Teman Members: Dani, Ashton, Rui, Christine

TECH – Tasks include: making a budget, finding equipment resources, logistics of interactive communication, set up

Team Members: Carson, Nick, Ivan, Catt

PERSONAS – Tasks include: developing various characters for the interactions, writting script guidlines (phrases), research/gather info on the kind of persona being created, speaking/performing

Team Members: Dallas, Lianna, Angela, Yan

BUILD – Tasks include: construction, the boxes, the housing for the communication devices in elevator, conceal camera

Team Members: Andrew, Felix, Greg, Anna