Bailey Henderson

Is the promo team each bringing in two sketches of the box, or two modles of the box?

3 Responses to “Bailey Henderson”

  1.   Matthew Williams Says:

    Hey Bailey, it’s Matt here. Each person from the promo team should bring in two sketch models each. These are 3D models that get the idea across in a quick and easy manner and do not have to be put together in a pristine way.

  2.   Sarah Krysten Holmes Says:

    bailey, check your facebook messages.

  3.   Spencer Bryant-Longo Says:

    if its easier for you to communicate your ideas with a drawn image than i suggest you accompany your sketch models with an image, the creative freedom is really up to you though as far as how you present it, it will simply be easier for the class to “test out” our concept before hand if we have something 3d and tangible.